Early Elementary Books

Theme: Troublemakers

Bad Kitty School Daze - (ISBN: 978-1596436701)

by Nick Bruel

How do Bad Kitty and Puppy handle a try at obedience school? What do you predict they will do? Do they reform and become docile youngsters, or do they fail to lose their troublemaking characteristics?

Horrid Henry’s Underpants - (ISBN: 978-1402238253)

by Francesca Simon

Although Horrid Henry agrees to modify his bad behavior by eating his vegetables, his antics continue. He does write thank you notes, but they are cruel. He pretends to be ill, and he wears girl’s underwear to school. Why do you think this book is funny? Have you ever tried any of his stunts?

Naughty Nork, The - (ISBN: 978-1416908104)

by Bruce Coville

Edward and Moongobble try to find a way to help the Nork, who really does not want to be bad, find a cure for his behavior. How can they reverse the long-held curse? Do you have any other ideas that they should try?

Spinster Goose: Twisted Rhymes for Naughty Children - (ISBN: 978-1416925415)

by Lisa Wheeler

Mother Goose passes off the troublemakers to her sister, Spinster. These poems humorously illustrate how the sister handles the creative but bad-behaving youngsters. What does this book imply about naughty children?

The Children on Troublemaker Street - (ISBN: 978-0689846748)

by Astrid Lindgren

Lotta, Maria, and Jonas have lots of ideas of things that are “fun” for them, but cause problems for others. What is wrong with putting meatballs in the chimney anyway? Laugh along with these three troublemakers. What things have you done that might not look so good to your parents if they found out about them?

Horrid Henry and the Mega-Mean Time Machine - (ISBN: 978-1402217807)

by Francesca Simon

It’s Time-Out Time - (ISBN: 978-0590374576)

by Steve Metzger

Lotta on Troublemaker Street - (ISBN: 978-0689846731)

by Astrid Lindgren

Stanley the Troublemaker - (ISBN: 978-0340773918)

by Jenny Oldfield

The Naughty Boy Who Saved Christmas - (ISBN: 978-0615881379)

by Du Kirpalani

Trust Me, I’m a Troublemaker - (ISBN: 978-0440866268)

by Pete Johnson

Activities for this Theme

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