Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Troublemakers

How The Grinch Stole Christmas - (ISBN: 978-0394800790)

We all love this tale of a crabby creature who collects all of Christmas in his bag and runs out of town with it. The rhyming cadences make it easy for all readers to remember. Talk about the meaning behind this story with your child.

I Always Always Get My Way - (ISBN: 978-0979974649)

by Thad Kresnesky

Emma learns that her three-year-old status means she cannot be punished, so her acts of troublemaking increase until the family is in chaos. At what point does Emma learn another lesson about how her actions come with certain consequences?

Substitute Creacher - (ISBN: 978-0316089159)

by Chris Gall

When their class needs a substitute, the students are very surprised to find an unkind, tattling creature in their teacher’s role. Even creative, aspiring students are put in their places by this one-eyed beast! What is the biggest surprise the students have the day the “creacher” comes to “teach” them?

The Troublemaker - (ISBN: 978-0547729916)

by Lauren Castillo

A little boy who takes away his sister’s pet rabbit finds the tables turned when his own favorite toy turns up missing. Is his sister to blame? How does the raccoon turn out to help the children get things back in order?

Time Out for Sophie - (ISBN: 978-0670785117)

by Rosemary Wells

Sophie cannot control herself when she sees a good way to have fun. Just like jumping in a pile of leaves, Sophie messes up the piles of laundry, throws her food on the floor, and gleefully takes her grandmother’s glasses. How do your parents control these kinds of activities in your household?

Little Miss Bad - (ISBN: 978-0843133332)

by Roger Hargreaves

My Little Troublemaker - (ISBN: 978-1605371078)

by Thierry Robberecht

Naughty Little Monkeys - (ISBN: 978-0142405628)

by Jim Aylesworth

No, David! - (ISBN: 978-0590930024)

by David Shannon

Where the Wild Things Are - (ISBN: 978-0064431781)

by Maurice Sendak

Activities for this Theme

Help the Grinch save Christmas by packing as many presents as you can in 5 minutes before the sun rises.

Enjoy watching this video reading of the book, Naughty Little Monkeys by Jim Aylesworth

Practice reading and finding vocabulary words with these activities based upon No, David! David Goes to School