Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: Anniversaries, Birthdays, and More

45 Pounds, More or Less - (ISBN: 9780670784820 )

by K.A. Barson

While Ann is focused on losing 45 pounds for the upcoming family wedding, her younger sister’s eating habits plunge into a dangerous area. With self-deprecating humor, Ann looks again at her family situation and decides maybe losing weight is not the most important problem for her to take care of before the big celebration.

Birthday Vicious - (ISBN: 978-1435244887)

by Melissa De la Cruz

Ashley hopes her birthday will be everything she has planned, especially since she has invited the most important teens in San Francisco. What happened with the website that does not put her in the top social elite? And how did she lose her boyfriend? Find out how Ashley solves all of these worries and tries to enjoy this day that is so special for her.

The Grass is Always Greener - (ISBN: 978-0316091107)

by Jen Calonita

Sisters Isabelle and Mirabelle are preparing for their expected sweet sixteen party, but they really would like to try something less traditional. When their free-spirit aunt shows up, they feel they might find the change they are looking for? How do you balance family expectations with your own ideas about family get-togethers?

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - (ISBN: 978-0316122399)

by Jennifer Smith

On the way to her father’s second wedding in London, Hadley has nothing but stress on her mind as she contemplates living through this worst of all possible occasions. Good fortune touches her, however, when she meets Oliver while waiting for a flight. Her focus switches to her own love life, and the day is saved.

The Story of Us - (ISBN: 978-1442423473)

by Deb Caletti

Cricket’s mother’s wedding coincides with the time she and her boyfriend have gone their separate ways. As both women in the family embark on new parts of their lives, Cricket’s hesitancy and sense of panic threaten to skew her decision-making abilities. After you finish the book, imagine that Cricket makes a different decision. How would her life have changed?

Cardboard - (ISBN: 978-0545418737)

by Doug Tennapel

Eli the Good - (ISBN: 978-0763652883)

by Silas House

In the Dreaming - (ISBN: 978-0064472951)

by Isobel Bird

Leap Day - (ISBN: 9780316537285)

by Wendy Mass

One Whole and Perfect Day - (ISBN: 978-1932425956)

by Judith Clarke

The Ninth Life of Louis Drax - (ISBN: 978-1582344577)

by Liz Jensen

Activities for this Theme

Plan your next birthday party around a game theme.

Make a free visual scrapbook online of your parents’ life together for a gift for their next anniversary.

Ask your family if you can have a sleepover for your next birthday party.