Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Anniversaries, Birthdays, and More

Clifford’s Birthday Party - (ISBN: 978-0545215893)

by Norman Bridwell

It’s Clifford, the big red dog, celebrating his birthday. He looks forward to seeing all his friends and their presents, but their presents have to be big! Draw a picture of the gift you would like to give Clifford!

Hello Red Fox - (ISBN: 978-0689844317)

by Eric Carle

It is fox’s birthday, but wait, is a fox supposed to be green? All the animals that show up for the party seem to be the wrong color. The butterfly is yellow, but the animals call him purple. As it turns out, you are seeing the animals in the right colors, but their names are their complementary colors! A color wheel at the end of the book shows all the colors and their complements. Can you think of any other unusually colored animals?

Lily’s Big Day - (ISBN: 978-0060742362)

by Kevin Henkes

Lily hopes to be the flower girl for her teacher’s wedding. She practices her special walk. She imagines the perfect dress. What happens when Lily finds out Ginger, the teacher’s niece, is the choice instead?

Miss Spider’s Wedding - (ISBN: 978-0590568661)

by David Kirk

When Miss Spider gets married, the whole of nature cooperates to create a beautiful backdrop for her festivities. Despite the doubts of her friends, Miss Spider sticks to her choice of a future husband. Enjoy the rhymes and descriptions in this picture book.

Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding - (ISBN: 978-0689844584)

by Lenore Look

Jenny is worried that she might not be so important to Uncle Peter after he gets married. Despite all the festivities, the tea ceremony, the hungbau (good luck money), and the many dress changes the bride goes through, Jenny is secretly sad and confused. What does Jenny do to try to sabotage the celebration?

Alligator Wedding - (ISBN: 978-0805068191)

by Nancy Jewell

Fiesta Fiasco - (ISBN: 978-0823422753)

by Ann Whitford Paul

Pirate Vs. Pirate: The Terrific Tale of a Big, Blustery Maritime Match - (ISBN: 978-1423122012)

by Mary Quattlebaum

Spot Bakes a Cake - (ISBN: 978-0142403297)

by Eric Hill

Activities for this Theme

Make dinosaur cupcakes together for a very young person’s birthday. Or substitute any child’s toy to match the theme of your party.

Try some Clifford coloring, folding, dot-to-dot, and drawing activities after you read about his birthday.

Color the food and caterpillar on this page the WRONG colors after you read “Hello Red Fox.”