Early Elementary Books

Theme: Lies, Rumors, and Misinformation

Amelia Bedelia Bakes Off - (ISBN: 978-0060843601)

by Herman Parish

Amelia takes all directions literally. The way she bumbles through preparing fancy cakes is unlike any you have read about before. She and her cousin are taking over her friend’s bake shop, and although she has her cousin’s recipes, she misunderstands most of the directions. For example, what do you think she does when the recipe says, beat the eggs? If you are in the mood for a good laugh, try this and other Amelia Bedelia books.

Mr. Peabody’s Apples - (ISBN: 978-0670058839)

After a schoolboy sees his beloved teacher apparently “taking” an apple without paying for it, rumors about the teacher’s dishonesty begin to fly. Only after the unfair gossip has grown into a great big false story do the children learn the truth about Mr. Peabody’s prior arrangement to purchase the fruit. Have you ever had an experience where gossips ended up talking about untruths and hurt someone?

Mrs. Fox’s Class Gets It Wrong - (ISBN: 978-0807551653)

by Eileen Spinelli

Mrs. Fox is not acting exactly like herself. When the class spots her with a policeman, they are afraid she is being arrested! It turns out she is getting married! Have you ever misinterpreted anyone’s behavior or intentions?

The Greatest Liar on Earth - (ISBN: 978-0763661557)

by Mark Greenwood

What is the difference between something that sounds too good to be true and the idea that truth is stranger than fiction? Louis de Rougemont stands on a stage in front of many interested but skeptical people and begins to tell of his great and unbelievable adventures. Based on the life of a real person, this book asks the ultimate question about truth and appearances. Was he exaggerating? Or was he a great adventurer?

The Rumor - (ISBN: 978-1568462196)

by Monique Felix

Warnings quickly sweep through a small village: an unknown beast is in the hills. Threats of its smell, size, and strength grow as each person further exaggerates the story. But no fear: the village girds itself against attack! What is funny about this book?

Did You Hear About Jake? - (ISBN: 978-0761320838)

by Louise Vitellaro

The Jungle Grapevine - (ISBN: 0810980010)

by Alex Beard

The Librarian from the Black Lagoon - (ISBN: 9780590503112)

by Mike Thaler

The Lizard Man of Crabtree County - (ISBN: 978-0761450498)

by Lucy Nolan

Activities for this Theme

Try to beat the clock and guess the animal in these video jigsaw puzzles. 

Play the old-fashioned Telephone Game

Enjoy choosing your own colors to complete these drawings by one of the world’s greatest illusionists, M.C. Escher.