Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: Books That Ask Questions

A Question of Guilt - (ISBN: 978-0727882349)

by Janet Tanner

During Sally’s recovery from a ski accident at her parents’ house, she decides to assist her sister who is helping a local man in trouble. The sister believes in the man’s innocence, but when Sally starts to help, Sally and her family receive more and more serious threats. Who is trying to keep her and her sister from finding out the truth about the man?

Just What Kind of Mother Are You? - (ISBN: 978-0802121622)

by Paula Daly

As if Lisa did not have enough on her plate with her job, her three children, her foundering marriage, then her buddy’s daughter goes missing. Lisa is afraid it’s her fault! Not only that child is gone, but that another disappeared in the same month! What is Lisa to do? More importantly, why does she blame herself?

The Lady or the Tiger? - (ISBN: 9781583415832 )

by Frank Stockton

This classic tale ends up with the question of two doors. Behind which will the narrator find the woman he is looking for? The other door promises certain death; to open it will reveal a vicious tiger? If you enjoy reading literary tomes and mysteries, try this one again. Which modern TV show takes its premise from Stockton’s book?

What Then Must We Do? - (ISBN: 978-1603585040)

by Gar Alperovitz

Is there hope for a road out of our country’s current economic crises? Many Americans feel like giving up on any improvement, but this author offers some revolutionary, but possible ideas of how to warp out of our current problems. Although his ideas are certainly new, they appeal to the American ideals of real democracy, watching out for your neighbor, and relying on communities to fulfill needs. What do you think of his ideas?

Whose Body? - (ISBN: 978-0486473628)

by Dorothy Sayers

When a body appears in his bathtub, Lord Peter Wimsey has plenty of questions. Who is it? How did the body get there? How was (it) killed? One of many great detective novels featuring Wimsey, this one will have you sweating and your blood curdling! Try others in the series if you enjoyed this!

A Question of Guilt: A Novel of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the Death of Henry Darnley - (ISBN: 0425223515)

by Julianne Lee

Remember Me? - (ISBN: 0385338732 )

by Sopie Kinsella

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - (ISBN: 978-1400052189)

by Rebecca Skloot

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - (ISBN: 978-0451218599)

by Edward Albee

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? - (ISBN: 978-0062074126)

by Agatha Christie

Activities for this Theme

Enjoy a short story by its master writer, Leo Tolstoy.

Check out more titles that ask questions for the whole family.