Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Books That Ask Questions

How Does Baby Feel? - (ISBN: 978-1442452046)

by Karen Katz

Lift the flaps to enjoy baby’s many expressions. At the same time, learn different adjectives to express your own feelings. Encourage your child to make exaggerated faces to express his or her feelings and cover their faces with their hands until you are ready to guess.

Is Your Mama a Llama? - (ISBN: 978-0590259385)

by Deborah Guarino

Silly rhymes about different animal mothers help a young llama identify the right animal as his mother. Can you think of any other humorous rhymes that might be used as additional questions for the baby animal?

Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? - (ISBN: 978-0679882824)

This delightful book goes through a gamut of animal sounds, each asking for you to repeat the noises. After you hear it a few times, you will want to eagerly finish the sentences and put in the animal sounds. Play a game with your child and take turns making animal sounds and guessing what animal it is.

What Do You Do with a Tail Like This? - (ISBN: 978-0618997138)

by Steve Jenkins

Be amazed to hear of all the unusual things animals do with their various body parts. With plenty more questions, the book encourages a lot of interactivity as the very young guess what tails do, what comes out of eyes, and how eyes function! Have your child draw a picture of the favorite or most surprising animal part activity!

Where’s Spot? - (ISBN: 978-0399207587)

by Eric Hill

Delight in the search for Little Spot! Illustrations in the book take us everywhere looking for this elusive but charming puppy. Try playing a hide and seek game with one of your own stuffed animals. What is your best hiding place?

Whose Mouse Are You? - (ISBN: 978-0689711428)

by Robert Kraus

After skimming over the question of why mouse does not have a mother, more questions and answers lead to his finding his extended family. He even discovers that he has a new brother! Make a list of all the people you can answer with when someone asks you, “Whose little boy or girl are you?”

Are You My Mother? - (ISBN: 978-0679890478)

by P.D. Eastman

Oh Say Can You Seed? - (ISBN: 978-0375810954)

by Bonnie Worth

What Does Baby Say? - (ISBN: 978-0689866456)

by Karen Katz

Who Has These Feet? - (ISBN: 978-0805089073)

by Laura Hulbert

Would You Spread a Turtle on Toast? - (ISBN: 978-0895658234)

by Viki Woodworth

Activities for this Theme

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