Early Elementary Books

Theme: Seeing is Reading: Wordless Books, Graphic Novels and Comics

Babymouse #1: Queen of the World - (ISBN: 978-0375832291)

by Jennifer Holm

Babymouse is conflicted over whether to attend a new friend’s slumber party or go on with plans for the movie marathon. Since both are a way out of her normal boring routine, she tries to make the best decision. Enjoy the humor and fast-paced action of this first book in the series. Would you have made the same choice as Babymouse?

Big Fat Little Lit - (ISBN: 978-0142407066)

by Art Spiegelman

This graphic novel version of original stories by famous short story writers offers a new look at the stories through the eyes of illustrators and cartoonists. The writers include favorite children writers Jules Feiffer, Neil Gaiman, Crockett Johnson, Maurice Sendak, Lemony Snicket, and Art Spiegelman among others. What is your favorite “little” story?

Dragon Puncher - (ISBN: 978-1603090575)

by James Kochalka

In this book, a superhero with a cat face teams up with a monkey fighting with a spoon! They are battling dragons, and oh no, butterflies with plenty of bravado and very interesting weapons indeed. Since all the creatures in the book appear with the photographed faces of author Kochalka’s family, the presentation is unique and borders on zany. Try making some drawings of the animals in your house or that you enjoy at the local zoo. Cut out the faces and insert your family’s pictures for a look similar to that of the book.

Look…..Look Again! - (ISBN: 978-1590788943)

by John O’Brien

In this series of panels, you need to take a second look at the activities of various cows and chickens to see what is really happening. Although the pictures might appear to be commonplace at first glance, a second look reveals plenty of surprises. From a little dog that grabs the moon the cow jumps over to a farmer that gets his milk from a speech balloon (not from the belligerent cow). These pages reveal more than first appears. See how many switches you can find!

The Three Pigs - (ISBN: 978-0618007011)

by David Wiesner

This seems like the classic three little pigs story until; the pigs start jumping out of the panels! They even start making sardonic comments! Find out the novel way the pigs escape from wolf danger! What would you do to escape from the wolf?

Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework - (ISBN: 1935179020)

by Nadja Spiegelman

One-eyed Zig and computer screen Wikki are hurtling through space when Zig gets a call from his teacher, again, about late homework. He has to find a pet to share with the class! They decide to search on earth for a likely creature, and they come across all the normal fauna (normal to us!) As they examine each hapless creature to decide which will be selected for the school project, a balloon pops up to give facts and comments about the animal. In addition to the “Fun Facts,” there is plenty of humor and action to keep you turning the pages. What would the fun fact say if they had come across you?

Ernest and Rebecca: My Best Friend is a Germ - (ISBN: 978-1597072861)

by Guillaume Bianco

Flotsam - (ISBN: 978-0618194575)

by David Wiesner

In the Night Kitchen - (ISBN: 978-0099417477)

by Maurice Sendak

Zig and Wikki in The Cow - (ISBN: 978-1935179153)

by Nadja Spiegelman

Activities for this Theme

Check out two variations of the same book. For example, pick up the traditional version of The Wonderful Word of Oz and compare it to the graphic novel version.

Try your hand at creating a conversation for Baby Mouse with this page

Dress up as one of your favorite super heroes, found in your library’s graphic novel collection, for Halloween or a school party.

Check out Free Comic Book Day across the country, always on the first Saturday of May. Get your fill of free comics.

Try a group reading of a wordless picture book following the model on this video.

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