Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: Mistakes

Double - (ISBN: 978-1423147145)

by Jenny Valentine

A young homeless boy, Chap, takes advantage of the fact that he is mistaken for Cassiel, a young man endowed with a supportive family and network of friends. While enjoying his new life, Chap also tries to figure out what happened to the other youngster. If you enjoy mysteries, danger, and excitement, try this book!

Fighting Invisible Tigers - (ISBN: 978-1442977167)

by Earl Hipp

This book provides many suggestions and techniques for teens to use when fighting stress and the urge to be perfect. Young people will find this a great resource and can use it to realize they are not alone when they are battling themselves! If you are tempted by needing to be first at everything or perfect, read the stories of other teens like you. What is the mistake in trying to avoid mistakes?

Perfect - (ISBN: 978-1416983248)

by Ellen Hopkins

Four seniors in one high school try different means of achieving perfection. Although the means to be perfect include spurning one’s friends, using drugs and surgery for perfect physical condition, and sacrificing everything for an athletic career, the fallout is greater than any of them expect. Have you ever been tempted to cut corners to achieve a goal that is unrealistic? How is your experience like the young people in the book?

The Prince and the Pauper - (ISBN: 978-1580496728)

by Mark Twain

In this classic book about switched identities, the pauper masquerading as a prince learns that he is not the only one with problems. The real prince faces poverty, filth, vermin, prejudice, and real danger. Twain, of course, uses these two boys as a way to make his sardonic comments about a person’s role in society, and the randomness with which he has found himself where he is. What learning occurs as the result of deliberately trying to fool people?

Wildwing - (ISBN: 0061724521)

by Emily Whitman

After a teen, forced into servitude as a maid in the 18th century, time travels back to the 13th century, she takes on a new role, that of the lady of a wealthy household. Trying to keep up with her mistaken identity proves to be a challenge, especially when she falls in love with the falconer’s son although she is supposedly already married. Enjoy your visit into a totally new world, and find out what happens to Addy as she struggles to conceal her attraction to a man other than her “husband.” If you try to change your identity too much, does your past come back to haunt you?

An Order of Amelie, Hold the Fries - (ISBN: 978-1550378603)

by Nina Schindler

Last Chance - (ISBN: 978-0761385295)

by Nora McClintock

Sharing Susan - (ISBN: 9780064404303)

by Eve Bunting

The Lying Game - (ISBN: 9780061869709)

by Sara Shepard

The Truth-Teller’s Tale - (ISBN: 978067006000)

by Sharon Shinn

Activities for this Theme

Read about mistakes made in the Harry Potter books: