Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Have a Ball

Bat Six - (ISBN: 978-0590898003)

by Virginia Euwer Wolff

An Oregon town’s traditional girls’ softball competition becomes confrontational in 1949 when one side’s team includes a girl whose father died at Pearl Harbor. The other side has a Japanese American player whose family was interned during the war. The book has 21 separate stories told from various points of view from both team’s players.

Football Genius - (ISBN: 978-0061122736)

by Tim Green

Troy seems like a normal pre-teen, all except for his one talent: he can predict when a certain team is going to win. His prescience about football scores sets him apart from his family and friends. Read the book to see if his special ability helps the Falcons pull out of a losing streak after his mother gets a job in the team office.

Shoeless Joe and Me - (ISBN: 978-0064472593)

by Dan Gutman

Joe Stoshack travels back in time to try to save the reputation of Shoeless Joe Jackson who lost his bid for the Baseball Hall of Fame because of his reputed gambling. Can he prevent Shoeless Joe from being tempted by a huge amount of money to throw the game? If you enjoyed this book, try others in the Baseball Card Adventures series.

The Mysterious Howling - (ISBN: 978-0061791055)

by Maryrose Wood

Miss Penelope, a newly hired governess, must tame her new charges who grew up with a pack of wolves. How can she teach them manners and civilization in time for them to appear at the local Christmas ball? What manners do you think are the most important to learn?

The Stupendous Dodgeball Fiasco - (ISBN: 978-0525473466)

by Janice Repka

Phillip, a circus child, is spending the school year with an aunt and uncle in “town” where he takes on the local pastime, dodgeball. His objections to the violence of the sport and the town’s obsession with it lead him to confrontations with the coach and the local sports hero. How does he manage to deal with the bullying he gets as the “different” kid and still try to change the sights of the small town? Do you like dodgeball? Do you think it is “violent?”

Attack of the Growling Eyeballs - (ISBN: 978-1416909583)

by Stephen Gilpin

Baseball in April and Other Stories - (ISBN: 978-0152025670)

by Gary Soto

Bobby Baseball - (ISBN: 978-0440404170)

by Robert Kimmel Smith

Hoops - (ISBN: 978-0440938842)

by Walter Dean Myers

Jackie & Me - (ISBN: 978-0380800841)

by Dan Gutman

Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery - (ISBN: 978-0553494600)

by John Feinstein

The Birthday Ball - (ISBN: 054723869X)

by Lois Lowry

The Boy Who Saved Baseball - (ISBN: 978-0142402863)

by John Ritter

The Hockey Book for Girls - (ISBN: 978-1550747195)

by Stacy Wilson

Activities for this Theme

Make seed balls.

Make a balero.

Make an easy origami ball.

Try a basic meatball recipe.

Make your own squishy bouncy ball.