Early Elementary Books

Theme: Unusual Travel Adventures

Meerkat Mail - (ISBN: 978-1416934738)

by Emily Gravett

How does a meerkat travel? In this sandy travelogue, a restless meerkat takes off on his hind feet across the Kalahari Desert, sending postcards back home. Enjoy opening and reading each postcard as it details his hot dry trip and his return home. On your next trip with your family, send a postcard to your grandparents. Or, make your own card that illustrates something you have seen while traveling.

Night Of The Moonjellies - (ISBN: 978-1930900349)

by Mark Shasha

The culmination of a small boy’s day turns out to be a ride on a fishing boat with his grandmother in the early evening. All day long he has been carrying a jellyfish he picked up on the beach. As the fishing boat smoothly meanders among the glowing “moonjellies” which are shimmering with the reflection of the night moon, he safely returns his find to its home. Have you ever gone fishing or ridden on a boat? What kind of boat was it: cruise ship, motorized, kayak, or other type?

Oh No! Not Again!: (Or How I Built a Time Machine to Save History) (Or at Least My History Grade) - (ISBN: 978-1423149125)

by Mac Barnett

The featured female student in this humorous book must find a way to convince her teacher she deserves an A+, not just an A, on her recent test. Unable to find any way to show him she is correct besides revisiting history, she makes her own time machine to travel back and check on her facts! Learn about the dangers of being a perfectionist as well as getting tips about transporting through time. Have you ever felt that you were graded unfairly? How did you handle it?

Postcards from Pluto: A Tour of the Solar System - (ISBN: 978-0823420650)

by Loreen Leedy

Travel along with a robot and some highly creative students on this stunning and quick tour of the solar system. Their postcards home provide the meat of the book and come in a variety of communication types: puzzles, quizzes, and poetry. Sprinkled with a fair dose of humor, the travel log manages to communicate interesting facts and pictures that whet travelers’ appetites for more adventures.

The Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane - (ISBN: 978-0590446877)

by Joanna Cole

Mrs. Frizzle’s class always travels by bus, but somehow, it is not just a bus ride. This time, her class gets to experience the inside of a hurricane. What two means of travel does the bus change to so they can have an optimal view? Can you think of another means of travel that would work well in a hurricane?

Aunt Harriet’s Underground Railroad in the Sky - (ISBN: 978-0517885437)

by Faith Ringgold

Down the Colorado: John Wesley Powell, the One-Armed Explorer - (ISBN: B002KY70Y8)

by Deborah Kogan Ray

Manny's Cows: The Niagara Falls Tale - (ISBN: 0060541520)

by Suzy Becker

Mousetronaut - (ISBN: 978-1442458246)

by Mark Kelly

Mr. Tumpy and His Caravan - (ISBN: B000RE7SU4)

by Enid Blyton

Pigs Ahoy - (ISBN: 978-0140558197)

by David McPhail

Activities for this Theme

Challenge your friends to an egg drop competition using some of the ideas found at this site. Do you have some ideas of your own? Try them out and see what happens!

Make and compare four different sizes of parachutes.

Make a magnetic tangram travel puzzle.