Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Unusual Travel Adventures

Anno's Journey - (ISBN: 978-0698114333)

by Mitsumasa Anno

Anno travels through this wordless picture book on many types of conveyances as he enjoys seeing the old Europe. See if you can count and name the different ways he travels. Which form of transportation/travel would be your favorite choice?

Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile - (ISBN: 978-0698114012)

by Tomie dePaola

What would happen if your school trip turned out to be a slow boat ride down the Nile River in faraway Egypt? Join the familiar bird and crocodile characters Bill and Pete as they experience the things they have read about it school. They even capture some bad guys along the way! If you enjoy this book, try other Bill and Pete adventures!

Curious George Gets a Medal - (ISBN: 978-0618737635)

by H.A. Rey

In this amusing tale, curious George’s many activities include riding a cow, hitchhiking, getting a ride on a truck, and, the most momentous, riding into space! Which ride earns him a medal? If you keep in mind that the Curious George books were written well before the age of space travel, his trips seem even more amazing! Check out <i>Curious George and the Rocket</i> also to see the artist’s view of his idea of space travel many years ago!

Moby Dick - (ISBN: 978-1927018118)

by Holman Wang

Enjoy this retelling of the classic tale of a ship’s captain whose focus on killing a certain whale influences everyone in his crew. Why is this captain so focused on the whale? What travel words can the very young learn here?

The Tiny Seed - (ISBN: 978-0887081552)

by Eric Carle

The author, prize-winning Eric Carle, shows how seeds travel through the air, impelled by the force of their expulsion, after bursting out of their pods to find a resting place where they can grow. Along the way, the wind carries them, but the journey is not without perils! If they are lucky, they find a nurturing spot in soil and grow into a beautiful plant. Have you ever picked a dandelion and blown on it? You are helping the seeds find a new home.

We All Went on Safari: A Counting Journey Through Tanzania - (ISBN: 978-1841481197)

by Laurie Krebs

Count along with the children who venture through the wilds of Africa, travelling on foot. Add up the beasts and other wonders they encounter. Imagine how your school day would be if you walked to school and home again, and also if your parents walked to buy everything they needed. What places would you have a hard time traveling to without a vehicle or another mode of transportation?

Curious George and the Rocket - (ISBN: 978-0618162413)

by H.A. Rey

Dora the Explorer to the Moon - (ISBN: 978-1412788304)

by Caleb Burroughs

Emma's Turtle - (ISBN: 978-1590783504)

by Eve Bunting

Harold and the Purple Crayon - (ISBN: 978-0062086525)

by Crockett Johnson

Hot Air: The (Mostly) True Story of the First Hot-Air Balloon Ride - (ISBN: 978-0689826429)

by Marjorie Priceman

Where the Wild Things Are - (ISBN: 0060254920)

by Maurice Sendak

Activities for this Theme

Color an adventurous “traveling kid.” Add your own drawings of other ways he can travel that are outside the box.

Make a simple parachute using only 4 items (scroll down to find the activity).

Make some colorful dragonflies to hold your important objects.