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A is for Alibi - (ISBN: 9780312938994 )

by Sue Grafton

In this first volume of a mystery series whose book titles are based on the alphabet, unconventional detective Kinsey Millhone starts her own detective agency. With her penchant for helping the underdog, she is soon embroiled in a search for a recent parolee’s nemesis, the person who really murdered her husband. At the time of this booklist, author Sue Grafton has now reached the letter “V” in her series of detective novels featuring Kinsey Millhone. All follow the same format in their titles like <i>V is for Vengeance</i> and the featured title as well. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming “W,” “X,” “Y,” and “Z” mysteries!

Outlander - (ISBN: 978-0440423201)

by Diana Gabaldon

While honeymooning with husband Frank in Scotland, Claire accidentally time travels to an earlier time at the Castle Leoch where she falls in love with another man, a Scottish soldier. They have many adventures but she is torn with memories of her “real” husband in this lusty adventure novel.

The Clan of the Cave Bear - (ISBN: 978-0553381672)

by Jean Auel

From the now classic series <i>Earth’s Children</i>, this book introduces Ayla as a five-year old who encounters a lost group named the Clan of the Cave Bear. The time is the Ice Age, and the clan is Neanderthal! The clan’s enemies, the outsiders in the book, are the modern iteration of mankind based on Cro-Magnon man. Ayla’s fascinating growing up years teach much about an earlier time, and its romantic and adventurous elements make it appealing to many types of readers.

The Gunslinger - (ISBN: 978-0452284692)

by Stephen King

Roland goes after the “Man in Black” to try and find out the secrets of the Dark Tower. Accompanied by a group of gunslingers, he passes through many different landscapes and encounters unbelievable obstacles. Just when you think you can breathe a sigh of relief, the book ends, drawing you to look for the next title in the <i>Dark Tower</i> series.

Twilight - (ISBN: 978-0316038379)

by Stephenie Meyer

Bella falls in love with a senior at her new school when she goes to live with her father. But the young man, Edward, turns out to be a vampire. After he assures her that his type of vampires eat wildlife and not humans, Bella lets herself go, and their romance heats up. Bella tries to conceal the truth about Edward, but as their love continues, another group of vampires enters the scene and recognize Bella as possible prey. Try this new version of a Dracula book in the <i>Twilight Saga</i> series.

The Bourne Identity - (ISBN: 978-0553593549)

by Robert Ludlum

The Giving Quilt - (ISBN: 978-0525953609)

by Jennifer Chiaverini

The Last Lion - (ISBN: 978-0316547703)

by William Manchester

The Saturday Big Tent Party - (ISBN: 978-0307472984)

by Alexander McCall Smith

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