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Theme: More, Please (Series Books)

A Wrinkle in Time - (ISBN: 978-0374386160)

by Madeleine L’Engle

The Murray children travel into their wardrobe closet in search of their lost father. They must face the evil force named IT while battling good and evil and trying to save their father as well as their own world. Venture into the famed wardrobe with them, and meet the characters that make up many of the other books in the <i>Chronicles of Narnia</i> series.

Eragon - (ISBN: 978-0375826696)

by Christopher Paolini

Eragon’s identity changes from that of a farm child to a Dragon Rider, a member of an ancient and forgotten race, after he finds, in his field, a blue stone which is really a dragon egg. He sets out after his parents’ murder and meets Varden, dwarves, elves, Shades and Urgalls, as well as an evil king in this complicated book. If you enjoy fantasy that includes a huge cast of characters and dips into an ancient language, try this first volume of <i>The Inheritance Cycle</i> series.

Inkdeath - (ISBN: 978-0439866293)

by Cornelia Funke

In this third and final volume of the <i>Inkheart</i> series, the author explores a world where reading can be accompanied by magical powers, and the ability to create stories can endow its owner with evil. In the last book in the series, Inkworld is in danger and its “good guys” are floundering, drinking, and under siege until a “savior” arrives in the form of the Bluejay. If you are a book lover, check out all three books in the series about the universe of Inkworld.

The Fellowship of the Ring - (ISBN: 978-0547928210)

by J.R.R. Tolkien

In the first book of the <i>Lord of the Rings Trilogy</i>, Bilbo Baggins (of Hobbit fame) faces a perilous journey to the Cracks of Doom in an effort to destroy the Ring and keep the Dark Lord from exploiting his power against the good forces of Middle-earth. Once you read this, you will be hooked on the series and sure to continue to the other books that complete this marvelous adventure tale!

The Golden Compass - (ISBN: 978-0375838309)

by Philip Pullman

Lyra sets off to find her kidnapped playmates in a universe consisting of only five planets. Individuals whose “alter-egos” are daemons in animal form populate this alternative world. During her journey, she comes to close to finding out more about her history and true identity, and she also battles the evil Mrs. Coulter and bad witches in a zipping action science fiction classic. You will be breathlessly awaiting the next volume of this <i>His Dark Materials</i> series!

Artemis Fowl - (ISBN: 978-1423124528)

by Eoin Colfer

Dicey’s Song - (ISBN: 978-1442428799)

by Cynthia Voigt

The Alchemyst - (ISBN: 978-0385736008)

by Michael Scott

The Princess Diaries - (ISBN: 978-0061479939)

by Meg Cabot

The Unwanteds - (ISBN: 978-1442407695)

by Lisa McMann

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