Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: Ice

A World without Ice - (ISBN: 978-1583334072)

by Henry Pollack

Pollack explores future possibilities for mankind if the ice caps continue to melt and global warming continues on its relentless path. In addition to shoreline flooding, rising sea levels have a surprising number of effects on all people in all countries. His suggestions for remedying the situation are practical and lead to a somewhat hopeful ending. What steps can you encourage your community to take to lessen the ice melt?

Ice Bound - (ISBN: 0786886994)

by Maryanne Vollers Jerri Nielsen

Jerri Nielsen, an Antarctic expedition’s doctor, survived giving herself a biopsy when she felt a lump in her breast. Rescue and evacuation were a long time in coming in the worst part of the winter. She began her own treatment, communicating via email with doctors on the mainland until she could get out.

Ice: Portraits of Vanishing Glaciers - (ISBN: 978-0847838868)

by James Balog

James Balog began documenting the current state of arctic and mountain ice with individually snapped photos, displaying great beauty, but also revealing how climactic change has altered the face of these landscapes. The result of his project was the Extreme Ice Survey; he planned to use the photos to continue measuring the effects of the ice melt. See his 2009 book for a continuation of his photos and measurements.

Icebound - (ISBN: 978-0553582901)

by Dean Koontz

This super thriller takes place in the arctic landscape; the scene is very dark. If you love screams, murder stories, and fright, this is the escape novel for you!

The Left Hand of Darkness - (ISBN: 978-0441007318)

by Ursula K. LeGuin

In an off-kilter world forever in winter, Genly Ai arrives to try and realign this frigid planet. The people there are neither male nor female, but at the same time have characteristics of both. Through all of Ai’s attempts to encourage Gethen to come back into the world, he and the people there must constantly face mountains of ice and snow and their accompanying challenges. This science fiction classic sets the standard for later tales of the genre.

Extreme Ice Now: Vanishing Glaciers and Changing Climate - (ISBN: 978-1426204012)

by James Balog

Ice - (ISBN: 0345517199)

by Linda Howard

Activities for this Theme

Learn how to drive safely on ice.

Watch the PBS Home Video “Extreme Ice” and the award winning documentary “Chasing Ice” showing James Balog’s findings and photos.

Make some frosty designs on your windows as a family activity.