Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: Ice

A Dance with Dragons - (ISBN: 978-0553801477)

by George Martin

A science fiction kingdom faces multiple challenges from hundreds of enemies. Its leader, Daenerys Targaryen, tries to rally her forces as a silent young man approaches with a different kind of assault. And in the background sits the huge ice wall protected by Jon Snow, the leader of the creatures of ice. If you enjoyed The Lord of the Rings, try this and other books in the fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire.

Black Ice - (ISBN: 978-0679737452)

by Lorene Cary

An African-American teen leaves the street life of Philadelphia to attend a prep school. She is determined to succeed and prove herself without succumbing to peer pressure. Her painful ascent into the new “culture” will be understood by any child who has had to move schools, but her own struggle was unique in that she sidled across class lines as well as location.

Ice - (ISBN: 978-1416986447)

by Sarah Beth Durst

Although Cassie believes her mother is dead, in the back of her mind rings a family legend about her mother being the daughter of the North Wind. One day, she is following a polar bear before it disappears on the ice. Eventually, she reluctantly agrees to marry the bear in exchange for finding her mother. Cassie falls in love with the bear, gets ready to bear his child, and tries to rescue him from some greedy trolls. By pairing a fairy tale with a modern-day teen, this book effectively displays the power of myths, adventure, love, and hardship. What was your favorite part of this unique story?

Icefall - (ISBN: 978-0545274241)

by Matthew J. Kirby

Four royal siblings band together to try to flesh out the traitor whom they believe must live in their midst when their father does not return from battle. Living through an icy winter which seems as if it will never end, Solveig, a sister, tries to go out on her own to find the missing father, but she cannot even trust her caretakers. Does she succeed before her enemies reveal themselves?

The Endurance - (ISBN: 978-0375404030)

by Caroline Alexander

Marvel at the leadership of Ernest Shackleton as he led his crew in a 20-month real-life survival venture on the Antarctic ice. Their ship had been crushed in the ice pack as they neared their goal of crossing the South Pole on foot. Although their first two attempts to escape and run for help failed, they endured. Shackleton kept up their spirits as best he could. How did they finally make their escape?

I am the Ice Worm - (ISBN: 978-1590782811)

by MaryAnn Easley

Ice Warrior - (ISBN: 978-0689317101)

by Ruth Riddell

On Thin Ice - (ISBN: 978-0425198841)

by Alina Adams

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow - (ISBN: 978-1599903286)

by Jessica Day George

The Mystery at the Crystal Palace - (ISBN: 978-0671505158)

by Caroline Keene

Activities for this Theme

Try your hand at curling with this free online game.

Want to make a treat that looks just like ice? Try preparing rock candy.

Use ice to make beautiful designs on homemade candles.

Make some frosty designs on your windows.

Make Ice Candles

Make some temporarily frosted windows.