Early Elementary Books

Theme: Ice

A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse - (ISBN: 978-1935179191)

by Frank Viva

Follow mouse as he glides past icebergs and glaciers on his trip to the deep South! What other animals do mouse and his friends see in addition to polar bears and the whale? Why does Mouse want to go home all the way down and then want to go back as soon as he gets home?

Dreamstones - (ISBN: 978-0773761414)

by Maxine Trottier

After David’s ship becomes icebound on a trip he is taking with his father, he experiences the wonders of the Arctic Night. The foxes he can see outside the porthole window fascinate David. One day, he feels lured to follow them. Although he gets lost, he learns to follow lichen-covered stones, led by a man he encounters. The stones often assume an almost human-like form. David comes to appreciate their mystery. How does he find his way back to the ship?

Everything Goes: Henry Goes Skating - (ISBN: 978-0061958205)

by Brian Biggs

Henry loves seeing all the different cars on his way to ice skate. Find out how the other vehicles do navigating on snowy roads. What is your preferred vehicle of choice for a snowy day?

Little Polar Bear and the Submarine - (ISBN: 978-0735840300)

by Hans de Beer

Little Polar Bear sneaks aboard a submarine to rescue two polar bears that have been captured by a man, heading for a zoo. His friend the dachshund explains that the man is studying the melting ice, but Little Polar Bear is sure the other bears would prefer to stay in the Arctic landscape. Check out your local zoos to see if you can compare the size of a polar bear to your dog! Or simply look online for how big a polar bear typically can be.

Welcome to the Ice House - (ISBN: 978-0399230110)

by Jane Yolen

Chilling scenes of winter in the arctic with its many fascinating animals like polar bears, lynx, wolves, and even bunnies contrast with the coming of spring. The world changes from muted white and gray to a scene bursting with the colors of flowers, more animals, and a reflective sky. Make your own drawing of a “pretend” favorite time in this northern climate.

Arctic Son - (ISBN: 978-0786811793)

by Jean Craighead George

Ice Bear: In the Steps of the Polar Bear - (ISBN: 978-0763627591)

by Nicola Davies

Little Polar Bear and the Reindeer - (ISBN: 978-0735821392)

by Hans De Beer

Polar Bear, Arctic Hare: Poems of the Frozen North - (ISBN: 978-1590783443)

by Eileen Spinelli

Thea Stilton and the Ice Treasure - (ISBN: 978-0545331340)

by Geronimo Stilton

Activities for this Theme

Try your hand at Ice Cube Painting.

Make snowflakes by cutting and folding white paper and making small snips. Unfold and you have a beautiful design!

Make an ice ornament.

Make homemade window clings in the shape of snowflakes.

Make sparkly homemade play dough that looks like winter.

Make some frosty designs on your windows.

Make your own snow paint