Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Ice

Arctic Land - (ISBN: 978-1554513420)

by Vladyana Krykorka

Enjoy beautiful views of this icy area as you learn about the great variety of animals that live there. Pictured as mother/child pairs in many cases, the animals display thick coats, camouflage colors, and hardy bodies, all designed to ensure survival in a very cold place. What techniques can you adopt to keep warm in winter? What is the winter weather like where you live?

Immi’s Gift - (ISBN: 978-1561455454)

by Kain Littlewood

After Immi starts finding mysteriously placed toys on the end of her fishing line, her family is forced to leave their melting igloo and find a new home. She accidentally drops one of her new acquisitions, a polar bear necklace, into the sea. It finds its way to a young boy in the tropics. He is standing on his beach when he finds Immi’s toy, and he is casting his own item into the water, hoping it will also find a new home. Have you ever sent a message in a bottle?

Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole - (ISBN: 978-0062075321)

by Stan Berenstain

A penguin, living in an igloo at the South Pole, receives a diary in the mail. He goes out onto the icy fields, hoping something exciting will happen for him to record. What else does he do after jumping from ice floe to ice floe?

Should I Share My Ice Cream? - (ISBN: 978-1423143437)

by Mo Willems

An elephant who finally gets his ice cream on a hot summer day can imagine nothing better. His anticipation has made the treat even more delectable. What could be better? Would sharing the cool dessert make the experience better? What other adjectives can you add to describe the joys of your own cone?

The Three Snow Bears - (ISBN: 978-0399247927)

by Jan Brett

After Aloo-ki glimpses her sled dogs floating away on an ice floe, she checks out an igloo. Papa Bear and Mama Bear are away. You can guess the rest! How does this version of Goldilocks differ from the traditional one? Which version do you like better?

Arctic Sea - (ISBN: 978-1554513437)

by Vladyana Krykorka

Hello Arctic! - (ISBN: 978-0152015770 )

by Theodore Taylor

Pipaluk and the Whales - (ISBN: 978-0792282174)

by John Himmelman

The Ice Bear - (ISBN: 978-1845079680)

by Jackie Morris

Activities for this Theme

Make Your Own Snow Paint

Try your hand at Ice Cube Painting.

Make snowflakes by cutting and folding white paper and making small snips. Unfold and you have a beautiful design!

If it is really cold outside, make an ice sculpture.