Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Problem Solvers

I Want My Hat Back - (ISBN: 978-0763655983)

by Jon Klassen

The bear has lost his hat, and he asks each forest animal he comes across if they know where it is. Only after the deer starts asking the bear some important questions does the bear solve his problem. Enjoy getting to know the charming animals of the woods. Which animal is your favorite?

Sparrow Jack - (ISBN: 978-0374371395)

by Mordicai Gerstein

Based on the life of John Bardsley, this historical fiction book describes how John tried to save Philadelphia's trees by importing sparrows from his native country of England. Inchworms had invaded the trees, and John made a return trip to England to get the necessary sparrows. Find out why the British birds ate the worms while the American ones took no notice of the pests!

The Duckling Gets a Cookie - (ISBN: 978-1423151289)

by Mo Willems

The popular pigeon from Willems is upset that a small duckling receives a cookie while he does not. He has lots of other ploys to get a cookie, but the duckling has learned to ask POLITELY! Which of these techniques finally help the pigeon get what he really wants: careful looks, callisthenic moves, or fake tears?

The Have a Good Day Café - (ISBN: 978-1600603587)

by Frances Park

After coming from Korea, Mike's grandmother has a few ideas to help the family's food cart business be more successful. The grandmother gets over her homesickness as she cooks popular and delicious Korean dishes that compete with other carts’ offerings of hotdogs and ice cream. Check out the food carts in your community. What ethnic offerings are there?

Up Tall and High - (ISBN: 978-0399256110)

by Ethan Long

While different-sized birds are learning what the concepts tall and high mean, their personal self-confidence increases in these three hilariously illustrated short tales. A peacock becomes able to fly, and two other birds find the solution to who is going to live in a tree only big enough for one!

Beautiful Oops - (ISBN: 978-0761157281)

by Barney Saltzberg

How to Catch a Star - (ISBN: 978-0399242861)

by Oliver Jeffers

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch - (ISBN: 978-1407103150)

by Ronda Armitage

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy - (ISBN: 978-1423109600)

by Mo Willems

Activities for this Theme

With your parents, write a few alternative ways to get a cookie, like in the book The Duckling Gets a Cookie. Be creative! What are some ways you have managed to get into the cookie jar in the past?

Even non-readers can have a scavenger hunt, choose from 32 different ideas for scavenger hunts for pre-schoolers.

Cut up one of your favorite drawings into puzzle-shaped pieces after you glue it to a cardboard backing! Now you have made your own puzzle!

Try some online mazes.