Early Elementary Books

Theme: Things That Float in the Air

Clouds - (ISBN: 978-0064452205)

by Anne Rockwell

Learn about the different types of clouds in this non-fiction account of the gorgeous floating wonders we all enjoy on a beautiful summer day. Some clouds indicate danger, however, and some portend storms. Touch the ground cloud and fog, and try to make your own clouds following the directions in the book.

Fireflies - (ISBN: 978-0689710551)

by Julie Brinckloe

After a young boy tries to capture the light of the fireflies by enclosing them in a jar, their luminescence starts to fade. He comes to realize that, in order for them to continue shining, they must be allowed to continue their free flights in the summer skies. Have you ever caught fireflies in the summer? How long have you kept them before they stopped lighting up?

Free Fall - (ISBN: 978-0688109905)

by David Weisner

In a singular dream, a young boy floats into a magical medieval world of flying dragons and lilting leaves. Use your imagination here to create his story as the book is nearly wordless. Follow his progress through an unreal castle whose forms change before the boy’s eyes. The book’s vivid and sometimes puzzling pictures assure that every time you look at this book, you will be able to come up with a new tale.

Mr. Sunny is Funny - (ISBN: 978-0061346095)

by Dan Gutman

A.J.’s summer at the beach includes lots of fun things, including watching other vacationers go parasailing at the beach. Not everything turns out to be perfect though; an annoying classmate of his appears to mar his idyllic spot. Mr. Sunny swims right into the arms of a shark, or does he? Enjoy A.J’s summer as much as he does!

Parachuting Hamsters and Andy Russell - (ISBN: 978-0152164140)

by David Adler

Andy and Tamika’s excitement at spending a weekend in New York is further revved up when they see hamsters floating from the rooftops in mini-parachutes. Their aunt, whom they are visiting in the big city, valiantly tries to find the source of this animal abuse, and she comes up with a good candidate after inviting a neighbor boy to accompany her nephew and niece on a museum trip.

Pobble’s Way - (ISBN: 978-0979974663)

by Simon Van Booy

A walk with her father turns Pobble’s day into a time of wonder. From a leaf that wafts through the air to an imaginary umbrella to the lightest of all feathers, Pobble enjoys the wonders of nature she views with help from her imagination. Take a walk with your family. What marvels do you see that float?

Stars Beneath Your Bed: The Surprising Story of Dust - (ISBN: 978-0060571887)

by April Pulley Sayre

This book amazes readers with its great details about what dust is really made of and how it travels everywhere! Despite dust’s microscopic size, it wields a great influence on everything from allergies to the color of the sunset. Dust is also ageless, so we might be touching part of history as we clean our bookshelves!

The Big Balloon Race - (ISBN: 978-0064440530)

by Eleanor Coerr

Based on the story of a real ballooning family, this book details the excitement of a fictional daughter who hides as her mother enters a balloon race. Her added weight adds peril to the flight for both members of the “team.” The easy-to-read text and vivid pictures make this an exciting read for the younger set. Were you surprised that the date of the original balloon caper was in the 1880’s?

3-2-1: Time for Parachute Fun - (ISBN: 978-0876593004)

by Claire Beswick

A Rainbow Balloon - (ISBN: 978-0525650935)

by Anne Lessen

Dandelion Adventures - (ISBN: 978-0761303770)

by Patricia Kite

Fireflies in the Night - (ISBN: 978-0064451017)

by Judy Howe

Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm - (ISBN: 978-0688158453)

by Jerdine Nolen

Princess Hyacinth (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated) - (ISBN: 0375845011)

by Florence Parry Hyde

Ricky Rocket: Bubble Trouble - (ISBN: 978-1846163944)

by Shoo Rayner

The Girl Who Loved the Wind - (ISBN: 978-0690331004)

by Jane Yolen

Activities for this Theme

Experiment with two different methods for creating a cloud in a jar. Which is your favorite?

Listen to the musical selection “Scherazade and the Valkyries” and paint or draw a picture of the wind in response to it!

Try some group games with parachutes.