Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Houses and Homes

A House for Hermit Crab - (ISBN: 978-0689848940)

by Eric Carle

Hermit Crab has to search for a new shell to make his home after he outgrows his house. At first, the shell he finds that is big enough seems too plain and un-homey, but with his friends the anemones, starfish, and snails, he adds enough personal touches to make it his own! What is special about your bedroom?

A Place to Call Home - (ISBN: 978-0763653606)

by Alexis Deacon

A group of rodents living in a junkyard hole find their rapid growth in family members rends their home unsuitable, and so they set out into the world to find a better, but still cozy, place to live. Follow their humorous and sometimes treacherous adventures as they search and search until they reach the “end” of the world. Have you ever moved to a new home?

In a People House - (ISBN: 978-0394823959)

An adventurous bird and mouse decide to look inside a house inhabited by humans to see what is there. Their interactions with all the new items inside make for a humorous read. You will learn the names of lots of household items and enjoy the amazement of the friends’ discoveries. What would you find if you poked around in a bird’s nest or a mouse hole?

Max's Castle - (ISBN: 978-0374399191)

by Kate Banks

Max creates a marvelous castle with his alphabet blocks. As he continues to build, a world of knights and armor come to life. His new creation even has a dungeon! What kinds of houses can you build with blocks?

The House is Made of Mud: Esta casa esta hecha de lodo - (ISBN: 978-0873585804)

by Ken Buchanan

This bilingual book describes a family’s life in the Sonoran Desert and the adobe house they build themselves from the naturally occurring materials in their area. On a nice spring or summer day, try mixing up some mud for yourself and make houses for your dolls and stuffed animals!

Home in the Cave - (ISBN: 978-1607185222)

by Janet Halfman

My Very First Book of Animal Homes - (ISBN: B001E1L4O0)

by Eric Carle

The Little House - (ISBN: 978-0395259382)

by Virginia Lee Burton

The Tree House - (ISBN: 978-1590788066)

by Marije Tolman

Activities for this Theme

Read the online story - The House That Jack Built

Listen to the story - The House that Jack Built

Make a simple birdhouse with these easy craft suggestions

Color all different sorts of houses.

Make an indoor tent by draping blankets across chairs so you can play underneath.