Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: A Penny, A Dollar

Black Friday - (ISBN: 978-0446609326)

by James Patterson

After numerous Wall Street firms explode, the fallout creates chaos. A fast-paced mystery ensues as the search for the Wall Street terrorists includes a desperate trip to Paris and remnants of the Vietnam War. This book would appeal to mystery, adventure, and financial news fans.

House of Cards - (ISBN: 978-0767930895)

by William Cohan

This book details the collapse of the highly respected Bear Stearns and the impact its demise had on other esteemed Wall Street institutions. Human greed mixed with blatant egotism contributed to the downfall of many related banks, and the impact on the country remains great and ongoing.

Please Send Money, 2E: A Financial Survival Guide for Young Adults on Their Own - (ISBN: 978-1402213243)

by Dara Duguay

If you are ready to head off to college, this book contains some important information on how to manage your money, establish a budget, and resist the credit card temptation. Adults may enjoy giving this book to young teens that are going out on their own. Do you already own a credit card?

The Bonfire of the Vanities - (ISBN: 978-1241681241)

by Thomas Wolfe

The world of an investment banker collides with the grittier aspects of the South Bronx when the banker’s Mercedes hits an unfortunate from the other side of the tracks. Members of both social classes try to extort from the other in this compelling look at the vivid life in New York City in the 1980’s. Have you ever visited New York City?

The House of Mirth - (ISBN: 978-1439169490)

by Edith Wharton

This tale of Lily Barton’s rise and fall as a social climber and then a social outcast describes very vividly the social and economic mores of the Gilded Age. This description of the relationship between money, romance, and social classes brings the reader back to a time when fortune hunting went with the search for a well-placed husband. What are the parallels here with today’s society?

Atlas Shrugged - (ISBN: 978-0452011878)

by Ayn Rand

The Jungle - (ISBN: 978-0486419237)

by Upton Sinclair

The Money Changers - (ISBN: 978-0330246033)

by Arthur Hailey

Activities for this Theme

Watch the movie Wall Street.

Start an investment club with your friends.

Learn how to manage your money game