Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: A Penny, A Dollar

Lucky - (ISBN: 978-0060890452)

by Rachel Vail

Phoebe’s posh life turns out to be not so lucky after her parents lose their jobs and her silver-plated life turns out to be hardscrabble. Still, she discovers other kinds of riches, her friends and a special young man. Watch for the sequel to this book if you enjoy it!

Project Sweet Life - (ISBN: 978-0060824112)

by Brent Hartinger

Teens Dave, Victor, and Herbert elude the summer jobs their fathers have foisted upon them, but still need funds. Instead of making money with their various schemes, they wrack up a lot of debt, but find adventure when they discover some mysterious tunnels during their search for gold. What are some unusual moneymaking schemes you can think of?

Seventeen Against the Dealer - (ISBN: 978-0689851339)

by Cynthia Voight

Dicey learns the hard way that, when she puts all of her energy and interest into her boat-building business, other things in her life suffer. Dicey eventually comes back to realizing her family and her personal development are also important to her life in this beautifully wrought novel. Have you ever gotten so busy in a project, sports, or friendship that you forgot about other important things (your family, friends, grades, etc..)?

The Shadow in the North - (ISBN: 978-0375845154)

by Phillip Pullman

Sally Lockhart has worked hard to establish her own business by creating a consulting firm. She often pairs with her friend Fred, a detective, by adding her financial talents to his sleuthing skills. A huge British company collapses, and she finds herself face to face with government corruption and the underworld; she and Fred begin to see links in the seemingly separate plots! If you enjoy this, there are other Sally Lockhart books waiting!

The Wealthy Barber - (ISBN: 978-0761513117)

by David Chilton

The author uses the example of a barber who guides three young adults along the path to financial independence and riches by following some basic financial guidelines. The metaphor creates a high interest level for teens. This book would be a great graduation gift!

Aces Up - (ISBN: 978-0385738743)

by Lauren Barnholdt

Forged Metal - (ISBN: 978-0552145701)

by Leslie Campbell

The Merchant of Venice - (ISBN: 978-0810997172)

by Richard Appignanesi

The Trimoni Twins and the Changing Coin - (ISBN: 1582349398)

by Pam Smallcomb

Activities for this Theme

Get some penny and nickel envelopes from your local bank and start saving your loose change.

Learn how to manage your money game

Learn about stocks and finances through the Stock Market game