Early Elementary Books

Theme: Family History, Family Legacies

Chachajis Cup - (ISBN: 978-0892391783)

by Uma Kirshnaswami

After returning an heirloom cup to his hospitalized uncle, Neel hears the stories of how his uncle drank from it and carried it during the time of partition in India. Sharing a cup of tea leads to the unfolding of many family memories despite the fact that the cup today is cracked and worn. Does your family have any special objects that hold family stories? Ask your parents to share some of these stories with you!

Goyangi Means Cat - (ISBN: 978-0670011797)

by Christine McDonnell

Without any family of her own, Soo Min has a difficult time adjusting to her new home and new language in America. She befriends the family pet, a cat named Goyangi. Her distress when Goyangi goes missing is relieved when the cat returns home. Soon Soo Min begins to speak! How does Soo Min’s success at learning English help her to feel her adoptive family is her own?

Gugu’s House - (ISBN: 978-0618003891)

by Catherine Stock

Kukumba admires the paintings her grandmother has made and used to decorate her roomy, colorful house. When a rainstorm washes the walls clean, her grandmother helps Kukumba see that they can recreate even better paintings for the many walls, just as the rain has regenerates growing things. Do you have a special activity you do with your grandmother or grandfather?

Seven Brave Women - (ISBN: 978-0060799212)

by Betsy Hearne

A young girl proudly shares about the lives of her female ancestors, from her great-great-great grandmother down to herself. A common thread reveals they were all strong, tireless, and determined. She hopes she has inherited their admirable characteristics. How do you resemble your grandparents? Do you think you share their best characteristics?

The White Swan Express: A Story about Adoption - (ISBN: 0618164537)

by Jean Davies Okimoto

This delightful first look at a foreign adoption follows four very different American families on the long trip to China to meet their new daughters. Along with the joy of anticipation, there are a few stressors. In the end, the uniting of two worlds into one family begins their lives of joy. Each of the different families shares the common love of a new baby.

Elsina’s Clouds - (ISBN: 978-0374321185)

by Jeanette Winter

How I Was Adopted - (ISBN: 978-0688170554)

by Joanna Cole

My Grandmother and Me - (ISBN: 978-1550746280)

by Jane Drake

Orani: My Father’s Village - (ISBN: 978-0374356576)

by Claire Nivola

Toby Tucker: Sludging through a Sewer - (ISBN: 978-1405218382)

by Val Wilding

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