Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: Four Seasons

Dr. Zhivago - (ISBN: 978-0679774389)

by Boris Pasternak

This classic Russian novel presents the Russian revolution from the point of view of a socialite doctor, his wife, and his lover. Its backdrop against the frigid wasteland of Siberia during its long winter does not put a damper on the heat of the love affair between Yuri and Lara. Read this great romance to see why it has endured for over 40 years. You may need a sweater to survive the cold, then take it off during other scenes!

Everybody Hates Idaho Winter - (ISBN: 978-1550229349)

by Tony Burgess

Older teens will enjoy this parody of a Young Adult novel in which the young hero suffers at the hands of a cruel father, his crueler dog, and the torturing teens at his high school. So many bad things happen to this young man that it becomes funny. As the author said at a recent book reading, “It’s OK to laugh.” How does this tragic hero get out from under all his suffering and pain? He steps out of the novel and attacks the merciless writer. If you need a laugh when you think things cannot get any worse, try this new book.

Summer of My German Soldier - (ISBN: 978-0142406519)

by Bette Greene

This young adult novel for older teens tells the story of a young woman from Arkansas who meets a German soldier imprisoned in a camp in her town. Further irony reveals that Patty, the young woman, is Jewish, and she develops a special relationship with a Nazi whose mission was to kill Jews. Imagine what happens when Patty’s parents and the people of her small town find out about her certain “friend.”

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf: A Story of Life for All Ages - (ISBN: 978-0943432892)

by Leo Buscaglia

Although this book appears to be a picture book, its message is meaningful for everyone at every reading level. Freddie’s passage from a young leaf to his final days after he falls from the tree parallels the seasons of life. The allegory that the book creates can provide comfort to family members of all ages who face death. Have you read other tales that use a simple analogy to deliver a message about life?

Winter’s Tale - (ISBN: 978-0156031196)

by Mark Helprin

A romance, begun when middle-aged Peter Lake tries to rob a house he thinks is empty, shines against the backdrop of New York City’s bleakest season. Peter meets Beverly in the home he is pilfering, and their affair begins, edged by the knowledge that Beverly is dying.

A Season of Angels - (ISBN: 978-0062072399)

by Debbie Macomber

Winter Garden - (ISBN: 978-0312663155)

by Kristin Hannah

Activities for this Theme

Go back into the past with romantic song lyrics about the four seasons

Make a flag cake with the entire family for a summer celebration