Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: Four Seasons

Brian’s Winter - (ISBN: 978-0440227199)

by Gary Paulsen

This survival story follows Brian’s rescue in a previous book, <i>Hatchet</i>, by the same author. Find out how Brian would have survived had he not been rescued. The pace of the novel follows Brian’s frantic actions to prepare himself for the hard winter ahead. Brian’s learning curve is steep as he teaches himself to make shelter, clothes, and weapons. Try to imagine what you would do to survive alone in the outdoors with winter approaching.

Harlem Summer - (ISBN: 978-0439368438)

by Walter Dean Myers

Mark’s easy-going personality gets him into trouble with Fats Waller, but he still enjoys nodding heads with his musician/writer heroes, including Marian Anderson, Langston Hughes, and Countee Cullen, during the Harlem Renaissance years. For a real feel of the Roaring 20’s during a hot New York summer, follow Mark on his adventures as he pursues his dream of being a musician in that exciting scene.

Playing for Keeps: Amigas - (ISBN: 978-1423123651)

by Veronica Chambers

Alicia, Carmen, Jamie, and Gaz take a break from their party-throwing business to get away for spring break! When an opportunity to throw another <i>quinceanera</i> (a party celebrating a girl’s 15th birthday in Mexican culture) comes up, this time in Texas, the girls hope to combine business and pleasure.

Summer of the Monkeys - (ISBN: 978-0440415800)

by Wilson Rawls

What a surprise for Jay when he finds a troop of escaped circus monkeys living near his parents’ farm! Jay and his grandfather hope to recapture the monkeys for a fat reward; they need the money to help Jay’s disabled sister. For a rollicking good time, read and decide who is smarter- Jay or the monkeys! Have you ever had a plan backfire on you?

The Fall of Candy Corn - (ISBN: 0310715598)

by Debbie Viguie

Candy’s job at the Holiday Zone amusement park builds her self-confidence, but who knew she could portray the victim of a stalker-killer in the Halloween section? How will she handle it when her friends come to the park to see the scary exhibits?

Harris and Me: A Summer Remembered - (ISBN: 978-0152058807)

by Gary Paulsen

Hatchet - (ISBN: 978-1416936473)

by Gary Paulsen

She’s Got Game - (ISBN: 978-1423123644)

by Veronica Chambers

Winter’s Bone - (ISBN: 978-0316066419)

by Daniel Woodrell

Activities for this Theme

Sign up for a wilderness-survival training course. Learn to protect and feed yourself out in the wild!

Compare ten versions of the classic song, “Autumn Leaves”

Enjoy a spring poem by E E Cummings

Go back into the past with romantic song lyrics about the four seasons

Write your own lyrics about a season to the tune of “Yankee Doodle.”

Make a leaf print T-shirt