Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Transportation and Travel

I’m Dirty - (ISBN: 978-0060092931)

by Kate Mcmullan

Readers learn to count as a garbage truck goes through its rounds. Lots of colorful words make reading this both a learning experience and a sensory one!

Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel - (ISBN: 978-0618737567)

by Virginia Lee Burton

Construction guy Mike’s best friend is Mary Anne, the old fashioned steam shovel. When more modern models appear on the scene, Mike finds himself and his mate out of work. Find out what happens when he makes a promise in a very small town to dig a very big hole! This classic children’s book will bring back memories for all ages.

The Pigeon Loves Things That Go! - (ISBN: 978-0786836512)

by Mo Willems

Mo Willems’ beloved pigeon tries to drive all sorts of vehicles, from an airplane, to a car, to a train. Does the pigeon who wanted to drive the bus have any more sense today? Maybe not. Enjoy this humorous tale of how a pigeon gets around.

Things That Go - (ISBN: 978-0756658410)

This soft and tactile board book should be your child’s first choice for learning about various methods of transportation. Besides hearing the words and looking at the pictures, readers get to feel the soft, pleasing textures of the pages.

This Is the Way We Go to School: A Book About Children Around the World - (ISBN: 978-0590431620)

by Edith Baer

Children in other countries travel to school in many ways. Look at the world map and read about all the interesting ways to get where you want to go. What kind of transportation would you like to try?

Choo Choo - (ISBN: 978-0395479421)

by Virginia Lee Burton

Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon - (ISBN: 978-0395919095)

by H.A. Rey

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus - (ISBN: 978-0786819881)

by Mo Willems

Freight Train - (ISBN: 978-0590426947)

by Donald Crews

I Stink - (ISBN: 978-0064438360)

by Kate Mcmullan

Maila and the Flying Carpet - (ISBN: B000J9Y5P8)

by Denise and Alain Trez

Things that Go - (ISBN: 978-0140547887)

by Anne Rockwell

Tootles the Taxi and Other Rhymes - (ISBN: 978-0721401959)

by Joyce Blaikie

Who Sank the Boat? - (ISBN: 978-0698113732)

by Pamela Allen

Window Music - (ISBN: 978-0140560930)

by Anastasia Suen

Activities for this Theme

Try making your own boats out of simple objects.

Print out your own book about modes of travel.

Enjoy the song “The Wheels on the Bus”

Try train activities to go with the Dream Train learning unit