Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: Comfort Food

America Eats!: On the Road with the WPA: The Fish Fries, Box Supper Socials, and Chitlin Feasts.. - (ISBN: 9781596913622)

by Pat Willard

Originally begun by out-of-work writers during the depression to describe homey events and recipes of American regional cooking, this book was recently completed by a contemporary food writer who wrapped up the search for distinctive regional foods. Skim the table of contents, and you will become hooked: fried Twinkies, watermelon pickles, and Kentucky burgoo, and choice dishes made with squirrel will entice you to read -- and cook.

Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal - (ISBN: 9780395977897)

by Eric Schlosser

Everyone loves hamburgers and fries, but we all know that might not be the healthiest meal. This book looks into the results of our fast food cravings in two ways. First, it summarizes the impact of providing the ingredients for fast food on our agriculture industry. Second, the author checks out the meals we crave for a quick bite and the restaurants that serve them. What surprises you in this book?

Lunch Lessons - (ISBN: 978-0060783709)

by Ann Cooper

Comfort food is fine, but what lessons are children learning about healthy eating in their local cafeterias and fast food joints where they hang out after classes? This book provides an eye-opening look at really harmful foods, great substitutes, and suggestions for getting the message of healthier eating across to the young. Included in the target message are also school lunch preparers, particularly those who choose the menus. Would your school try some tasty, healthier choices? Look at the school lunch menu together with your child to suggest alternatives.

No Just Desserts - (ISBN: 9781594141928)

by Elisabeth Bastion

After Lucille moves to London to take over her firm’s account to promote a new food product, Sweet Whippo, the test kitchen supervisor is murdered. With plenty of fast action, recipes, brutal cooking contests, and scary warnings, this book mixes together mystery, capitalism, and personality.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - (ISBN: 978-0385340991)

by Mary Ann Shaffer

Author Juliet Ashton travels to the isle of Guernsey during WWII to collect stories the residents pen during the war while their land is occupied by the Germans. They form a reading group with a wonderful name soon after her arrival. Readers get to know all the island personalities and also learn of their dietary specialties. This is a heart-warming but heart-breaking look at the island society during a stressful time and is a big hit among book club readers today.

Five Quarters of the Orange - (ISBN: 978-0060958022)

by Joanne Harris

In the Kitchen - (ISBN: 978-1416571698)

by Monica Ali

Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously - (ISBN: 978-0316042512)

by Julie Powell

Pomegranate Soup - (ISBN: 978-0812972481)

by Marsha Mehran

The Book of Salt - (ISBN: 978-0618446889)

by Monique Truong

Activities for this Theme

Collect family recipes and create a cookbook for all its members. Be sure to include family anecdotes with the recipes that you select. If you like, you can self-publish in pdf form for free or pay for a bound copy.

Follow this blog for teens with healthy meal ideas and easy to prepare recipes.

Compare the book Fast Food Nation to the DVD movie, Super Size Me.

Check out a food encyclopedia wiki. Everyone can add and edit, and the ideas here are very hot!