Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: Comfort Food

Cooking Up a Storm: The Teen Survival Cookbook - (ISBN: 978-0763629885)

by Sam Stern

Sam, the writer, was a teen when he put together these easy, delicious recipes guaranteed to create culinary independence! The recipes are real food, and the clear photos show teens at work, doing real cooking. Which of his recipes do you want to try first: normal meals, party food, or creations that he says will increase your brain power during those big tests?

Hot Lunch - (ISBN: 978-0525478300)

by Alex Bradley

After Mollie and Cassie pummel each other in a food fight in the school cafeteria, their punishment is to work as cafeteria “lunch ladies.” If you enjoy smug cynicism about typical lunch menus, original musical renditions, and even some good food ideas, you will find this book entertaining -- and maybe even helpful!

Stuffed - (ISBN: 978-1551435008)

by Eric Walters

Can one student make a difference? Ian thinks so. He tries to get students to boycott a popular fast food hangout, Frankie’s. All the students love Frankie’s juicy hamburgers. When Frankie offers a free lunch to everyone in exchange for ending the campaign, students are in a quandary. What would you do in this situation? Does anyone in your group of friends pester you about eating more healthily?

The Cupcake Queen - (ISBN: 978-0142416686)

by Heather Hepler

Penny is having trouble adjusting to many things: life in a small town after living in N.Y. City, working for her mom’s bakery decorating cupcakes, living without her father, and leaving her friends behind. She does find new friends and a great sense of herself while working and attending school in her new small rural community.

The Sweet Life of Stella Madison - (ISBN: 978-0440238591)

by Lara Zeises

Stella learns to juggle a lot of balloons when her chef parents get her an intern position writing at a local newspaper. The drawback is that, because of her background, she is supposed to write about food. She admires the intern at her parents’ restaurant, her boyfriend is pressuring her, and her separated parents are finding new love interests. She finds that the “sweet life” has some rough spots. Compare your stage of life to hers. Do you share some of the same concerns?

Black Potatoes: The Story of the Great Irish Famine 1845-1850 - (ISBN: 978-0618548835)

by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Chew 1 - (ISBN: 978-1607061595)

by John Layman

Hold Up - (ISBN: 9781596432192)

by Terri Felds

Make Lemonade - (ISBN: 0805080708)

by Virginia Euwer Wolff

Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies - (ISBN: 978-0803732964)

by Erin Dionne

Slaves of Spiegel: A Magic Moscow Story - (ISBN: 9780027746501)

by Daniel Manus Pinkwater

Activities for this Theme

With your friends and family, collect and donate non-perishables to food drives or a local food bank.

Volunteer at a local soup kitchen once a month.

Start a group of friends and family to try healthy foods one time a week.

Check out a food encyclopedia wiki. Everyone can add and edit, and the ideas here are very hot!