Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Comfort Food

Cam Jansen: The Chocolate Fudge Mystery - (ISBN: 978-0142402115)

by David Adler

Cam Jansen, beloved girl detective, notices a woman behaving mysteriously as she and her friend Eric are trying to raise money by selling fudge and rice cakes. Naturally, Cam is better than adults at doing instant replays in her camera-like mind and at using logic. She soon figures out the meaning of the woman lurking nearby. If you like Cam and mysteries, you might enjoy more books about her.

Dessert First - (ISBN: 978-1416963868)

by Hallie Durand

Our heroine, aptly named Dessert, is trying to express her originality by persuading her parents to let her eat dessert first. When her taste for sweets gets a little out of control, she must find a way to atone for eating all of the family’s prized double-decker chocolate bars. What arguments would you use to be allowed cakes, cookies, and pies before the main course at dinner?

Oggie Cooder - (ISBN: 978-0439927949)

by Sarah Weeks

Oggie has a unique talent. He can cut cheese with his teeth, creating marvelous shapes. One of his competitors is determined to learn how he does it so she can win the nation-wide talent search. Oggie’s word for his special ability is “charving.” It stands for carving while chewing! Try to make up a word for your own unique talent.

The Lemonade War - (ISBN: 978-0547237657)

by Jacqueline Davies

Evan’s younger sister Jessie starts out a class behind him in school, but the year of 4th grade, she skips and ends up in his class! Although they get along well, the change means trouble for Evan. Before school starts, they compete to see who can make the most money selling lemonade. This book is really about complementary abilities, math, and making the best of bad situations. Where does the phrase, “Make lemonade,” come from?

Who Wants Pizza? The Kids' Guide to the History, Science & Culture of Food - (ISBN: 978-1897349977 )

by Jan Thornhill

If you love to eat, try this very readable version of food history, agriculture, globalization, global warming, and the food industry. Lots of pictures and graphs make the reading interesting. How will this book change the way you choose foods you want to eat?

Cam Jansen and the Wedding Cake Mystery - (ISBN: 978-0670062959)

by David Adler

In a Pickle: And Other Funny Idioms - (ISBN: 978-0618830015)

by Marvin Terban

Just Desserts - (ISBN: 978-1416963875)

by Hallie Durand

My Cup Runneth Over: The Life of Angelica Cookson Potts - (ISBN: 978-0689865510)

by Cherry Whytock

The Dancing Pancake - (ISBN: 978-0375858703)

by Eileen Spinelli

Activities for this Theme

Check out food idioms and try thinking of some others.

Look at the new set of guidelines for school lunches. Do you get any ideas you can use at home?

Collect some family recipes from grandparents, aunts, and uncles and make them into a book using a self publishing website.