Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Comfort Food

Arroz con leche: Un poema para cocinar/ Rice Pudding: A Cooking Poem - (ISBN: 978-0888999818)

by Jorge Argueta

This bilingual poem book provides directions and activities for all who help prepare a favorite dessert, rice pudding. If you try the recipe, you can expect wonderful smells in your kitchen: cooking rice, warm milk, cinnamon sticks, and sugar will fill the room as your dessert takes form.

Guess Who Eats What - (ISBN: 978-1605370453)

by Liesbet Slegers

We all know what we like to eat, but what do our favorite animals enjoy for a treat? This picture book teaches readers the food favorites of cows, bees, chickens, squirrels, and mice. The beautiful, clear illustrations will make children want to page through many times; they will “read” the story to you before long!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - (ISBN: 978-0060245863)

by Laura Numeroff

What else does a mouse need when he gets a freshly made cookie to eat? A glass of milk? A napkin? Try to guess what each page contains before you turn to the next one. Try the game at the end of the book too. Other books in this series continue the nonsense!

Jake Goes Peanuts - (ISBN: 978-0312549671)

by Michael Wright

When Jake’s parents try to ease his peanut butter-only obsession by creatively including it in every dish, he begins to look around for other interesting foods! If you enjoy this rhyming book, try others about Jake: <i>Jake Starts School</i> or <i>Jake Stays Awake</i>.

The Red Hen - (ISBN: 978-1596434929)

by Rebecca Emberley

In this version of the favorite tale, “The Little Red Hen,” the hen is collecting ingredients for a yummy cake. She needs help preparing and baking the cake. In this version, she finds help from four blackbirds. Guess who wants to help her eat the cake?

Ugly Pie - (ISBN: 978-0312549671)

by Lisa Wheeler

Ol’ Bear enjoys being offered pies prepared by his variety of friends, but he wants to make one of his own from a wide assortment of unattractive ingredients – old, dried up, red raisins, anyone? As he ambles around the woods, he puts his creativity to work. Do you dare to try the bear’s original recipe?

Babyberry Pie - (ISBN: 978-0152059279)

by Heather Vogel Frederick

Begin Smart All Gone - (ISBN: 978-1934618127)

Bunny Cakes - (ISBN: 978-0140566673)

by Rosemary Wells

Grandma's Chocolate/El chocolate de abuelita - (ISBN: 978-1558855878 )

by Mara Price

If You Give a Pig a Pancake - (ISBN: 978-0060266868)

by Laura Numeroff

It's Sukkah Time - (ISBN: 978-1580130844)

by Latifa Berry Kropf

Jamberry - (ISBN: 978-0064430685)

by Bruce Degen

One Hundred Hungry Ants - (ISBN: 978-0395971239)

by Elinor Pinczes

Yummy Yucky - (ISBN: 978-0763619503)

by Leslie Patricelli

Activities for this Theme

Try some easy snack recipes with your pre-schoolers. These recipes teach with pictures not words.

Make a collage from coloring pages of food

Have your preschooler help plan a weekly menu using drawn pictures or cutouts from magazines.