Early Elementary Books

Theme: Chocolate

Hot Fudge - (ISBN: 978-0689857508)

by James Howe

Bunnicula and friends are somehow implicated in the mystery of how the fudge for the library sale disappears. Although their job is to guard the fudge, everyone knows Bunnicula is a chocolate lover. The plate of fudge turns up empty. What do you think happens? Try the fudge recipe for yourself. Have you ever suspected a friend of doing something bad? Did it turn out the same way?

Mary Maroney and the Chocolate Surprise - (ISBN: 978-0399228292)

by Suzy Kline

When their teacher tries to recreate the chocolate bars with prize-winning tickets after the class reads Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mary is determined to get one of the loaded bars. She finds out that the class nemesis Marvin has one, and she does some bar switching. Mary unexpectedly ends up with a different little prize: her share of guilt for cheating. Stop to predict what happens in the end, then find out how the chocolate switch is resolved by reading the book.

Oh Ducky: A Chocolate Calamity - (ISBN: 978-0811852272)

by David Slonim

When a rubber duck falls into the melted chocolate vat at the Yum Yum Chocolate Candy Factory, Mr. Peters dives in to save the other candy. He swims past lots of goodies (chocolate ships and chocolate sharks, etc.) on his way to a new idea for candy. If you like silly, silly books, you will enjoy following his trip through the chocolate river and finding out what his new type of chocolate covered goody will be. Try telling a new chapter of the chocolate river story together as a family, adding your own ideas for treats.

The Doorbell Rang - (ISBN: 978-0688131012)

by Pat Hutchins

Find out what happens to those dozen yummy-smelling chocolate chip cookies mother has just taken out of the oven. Every time the doorbell rings, there seem to be fewer cookies left. At first, Victoria and Sam only have to divide the cookies by two. How many times do they have to recalculate? How many cookies do they each end up with? When you are good and hungry, try acting out this story yourself (with cookies, of course!)

The Hershey Kisses Addition Book - (ISBN: 978-0439241731)

by Jerry Pallotta

What greater way to learn addition than to see people counting kisses? Try doing the math with kisses yourself, that is, before you eat them!

Beans To Chocolate - (ISBN: 978-0516243610)

by Inez Snyder

Cam Jansen: The Chocolate Fudge Mystery - (ISBN: 978-0142402115)

by David A. Adler

In the Rain Forest - (ISBN: 978-1571453525)

by Maurice Pledger

Smart About Chocolate - (ISBN: 978-0448434803)

by Sandra Markle

Wellington’s Chocolatey Day - (ISBN: 978-0816763382)

by Mick Inkpen

Activities for this Theme

Print out some free chocolate activities and try them with the family

Take a video tour of the world famous Hershey Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania

Write a list of words you could use to describe chocolate, then use them to write a chocolate poem together

Play a game to be to the chocolate machine operator

Have a name-the-chocolate candy bar session. Blindfold friends and family and give them each several small bites of various candy bars. Ask them to identify which candy they are tasting!

Try some chocolate math