Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Chocolate

A Chocolate Moose for Dinner - (ISBN: 978-0689878275)

by Fred Gwynne

The stories in this book are great explorations of idiomatic language and word plays. After reading this, ask your children if they can think of other examples of confusing words or puzzling expressions they have heard adults use, like “hop in bed.”

Chocolatina - (ISBN: 978-0545037655)

by Erik Kraft

Tina learns that being turned into her favorite thing, chocolate, is not as great as she had thought it would be. After her teacher reminds her, “You are what you eat,” she learns her lesson. Does Tina succeed in giving up her favorite food? What trick happens to her teacher? Look through this book and count the number of chocolate decorations on the pages. Can you decorate a chocolate notebook or journal of your own?

Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory - (ISBN: 978-0395912140)

by H.A. and Margaret Rey

When Curious George goes off on his own during a factory tour explaining how chocolates are made, he gets into his own version of trouble. This book comes complete with games and a chocolate recipe. Try making the recipe with your family. If you like this book, check out others featuring the much-loved Curious George.

Lilly’s Chocolate Heart - (ISBN: 978-0060560669)

by Kevin Henkes

Where can Lilly put her last chocolate heart for safekeeping? Every place she thinks of seems to have something wrong with it. She does not want her to heart to melt, get dusty, or get lost. Read the book to find out where the best place is for her to store her treat!

Percy’s Chocolate Crunch and Other Thomas the Tank Engine Stories - (ISBN: 978-0375813924)

by Random House

Percy’s accident at the chocolate factory has lots of comic repercussions. If you enjoy Thomas the Tank Engine, try this set of three shorter pieces. There is also a video of the same title.

I Love Chocolate - (ISBN: 978-0887769122)

by David Cali

Max’s Chocolate Chicken - (ISBN: 978-0140566727)

by Rosemary Wells

The Last Chocolate Cookie - (ISBN: 978-0763604110)

by Jamie Rix

The M & M’s Chocolate Candies Counting Board Book - (ISBN: 978-0881069488)

by Barbara McGrath

Activities for this Theme

Take a video tour of the world famous Hershey Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania

Try some chocolate activities with the family

Make and fill chocolate chip cookie cups with your choice of treats

Write a list of words you could use to describe chocolate, then use them to write a chocolate poem together