Early Elementary Books

Theme: School

Biscuit Goes to School - (ISBN: 978-0064436168)

by Alyssa Capucilli

Biscuit, the family dog, tromps to school, following after his owner. He does not realize he is not invited! Very simple language and short sentences make this early “I can read” book appealing to younger children as well. What happens to your pets all day when you are away? What would they tell you if they could talk?

Chrysanthemum - (ISBN: 0688096999)

by Kevin Henkes

Chrysanthemum’s name causes endless teasing until she finds out her teacher’s name is also that of an uncommon flower. In a major switch of viewpoints, the other girls who had mocked Chrysanthemum now want their names to be flowers also. What flower name would you choose if you decided to change yours?

Moses Goes to School - (ISBN: 978-0374350697)

by Isaac Millman

Moses has special lessons to learn before he can even think of entering a regular school. He must learn sign language. Readers will marvel at how children at his special school learn to communicate by American Sign Language, using computers, and reacting to vibrations of music rather than actually hearing the music. Can you find out how to “spell” your name using ASL?

Nasreen’s Secret School - (ISBN: 978-1416994374)

by Jeannette Winter

With the Taliban controlling Afghanistan, girls were not permitted to go to school. Although Nasreen’s parents have disappeared, her grandmother sees to her education and finds a “secret” school for her to attend. If you sometimes do not feel like going to school, remember how grateful and happy Nasreen is to have a chance to learn normal things like history, art, and music.

Third Grade Baby - (ISBN: 978-0374374822)

by Jenny Meyerhoff

Polly does not like to be called a “baby” at school, but one boy gives her that label since she has not lost any of her teeth yet. When she finally loses a tooth, she has mixed feelings about wishing she could still get something from the tooth fairy. What bit of technology does she use to check the tooth fairy’s identity?

David Goes to School - (ISBN: 978-0590480871)

Miss Mingo and the First Day of School - (ISBN: 978-0763641344)

by Jamie Harper

Thank You Mr. Falker - (ISBN: 978-0399237324)

by Patricia Pollaco

Things I Learned in Second Grade - (ISBN: 0060509368)

by Amy Schwartz

Activities for this Theme

Learn some signs for family members using ASL.

Do you have names for all your dolls and stuffed animals? Try names

Try some online educational games for pretend school at home.