Early Elementary Books

Theme: Faces and Features

Open Wide Tooth School Inside - (ISBN: 978-0805072686)

by Laurie Keller

A school whose students are the teeth inside a mouth sets the premise for this unusual but informative examination of the types of teeth inside a child’s mouth. The teeth are sensitive, just like children, and do not enjoy being called names, but they revel in food fights and balk at after-meal brushing. Ask your young readers what they have learned after enjoying the pages of this book! Imagine if your teeth were children…

Smile - (ISBN: 978-0061852695)

by Leigh Hodgkinson

How can Sunny get her bright smile back? After her mother forbids her from eating more cookies, she looks everywhere for her cheery and best feature. As she looks for it, she straightens, cleans, and organizes. When her mother praises her for all her hard work, guess what happens?

Ten Unusual Features of LuLu McDunn - (ISBN: 9780982081273)

by Kelly Pulley

In rollicking verse, the author goes through every inch of LuLu’s head and a few of her body features as well. The descriptions of her oddities keep everyone in stitches, and the anticipation as the count goes on keeps us reading. What parts of your body do you think are a bit different?

The Goat-Faced Girl: A Classic Italian Folktale - (ISBN: 978-1-56792-393-3)

by Leah Marinsky Sharpe

An adopted infant with an unattractive face tries hard to complete three tasks in order to become betrothed to a prince when she grows up. Along the way, she discovers that his interest is superficial, and she becomes a fine and independent woman. Compare this story with the original folk tale of the same name! What other stories do you know where an “ugly” character turns out to be quite happy and “beautiful”?

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World - (ISBN: 978-0618152384)

by Selby Beeler

This delightful, multi-cultural book explains what children from all around the world do with their baby teeth when they begin to come out. See if you can find out what your family ancestors did with their first teeth, and compare that with what people in your family do today. Interview your grandma or great-grandma about the customs for losing teeth when she was young.

When Sophie Gets Angry- - Really Really Angry - (ISBN: 978-0439598453)

by Molly Bang

Sophie’s facial close ups in this book greatly express the anger she feels when she does not want to share with her sister. Besides an erupting volcano, what else can you compare her emotions to? How does your body react when something happens you do not like? How many words can you think of to describe the faces Sophie makes?

Freckle Juice - (ISBN: 0027116905)

by Judy Blume

Glasses – Who Needs ‘Em? - (ISBN: 978-0140544848)

by Lane Smith

I Spy Two Eyes - (ISBN: 978-0688161583)

by Lucy Micklethwait

My Beautiful Mommy - (ISBN: 978-1601310323)

by Michael Alexander Salzhauer

Pinocchio - (ISBN: 978-1853261602)

by Carlo Collodi

The Ear Book - (ISBN: 978-0375842511)

by Al Perkins

Activities for this Theme

Try some face painting

Try a word search puzzle about teeth

Rearrange Mr. Potato Head’s features online

Mix and match facial features to create funny faces