Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Faces and Features

Chicken Cheeks - (ISBN: 978-1416948643)

by Michael Ian Black

Every child is fascinated with animal posteriors, and this book adds to their vocabulary of terms for animal rears! While an aspiring bear is creating a tower of animals, views of their rears keep readers giggling! A moose on top of a duck! Plenty of jokes keep the readers in stitches!

Flip a Face: Baby Talk - (ISBN: 978-1593541057)

Preschoolers and even young toddlers will enjoy the vivid graphics and the variety of faces in this board book. Teach your young ones the names of facial parts as they look. Later they will be able to “read” this book to you.

My Mouth is a Volcano - (ISBN: 978-1931636858)

by Julia Cook

How can a mouth be a volcano? When it is bursting to say something, when it can hardly wait to talk when someone else is speaking is when! Louis cannot help it, he believes, when his words come bursting out. How does he learn to control his wiggling, jiggling words? Do you ever suffer from volcano mouth?

Small Brown Dog with a Pink Nose - (ISBN: 978-0316058308)

by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen

Amelia claims her pretend puppy is lost. So her trip to the animal shelter to “find” him leads to the perfect pet. She loves all of his endearing characteristics. She even provides prospective dog owners with a guide to help readers acquire a dog! Read this book with caution if you are not a dog owner already. You may “find” more than just an enjoyable book!

The Noisy Book - (ISBN: 978-0590617291)

by Margaret Wise Brown

A Scotty dog who must have his eyes bandaged learns to rely greatly on his ears in order to figure out what is going on around him. Cover your eyes and try to identify the sounds you hear. Try describing familiar items by sound instead of appearance.

A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue - (ISBN: 978-1931636865)

by Julia Cook

Arthur’s Nose - (ISBN: 978-0316118842)

by Marc Brown

Flip-a Face: Who is Sleeping? Who is Awake? - (ISBN: 978-1609050191)

Little Bear Brushes His Teeth - (ISBN: 978-0761302308)

by Jutta Langreuter

Two Eyes, A Nose, and A Mouth - (ISBN: 978-0439116800)

by Roberta Grobel Intrater

Activities for this Theme

Hear Michael Black read from his book Chicken Cheeks.

Mix and match facial features to create funny faces

Click on face parts to hear their names pronounced. Listen to the face song.

Make a papier-mâché head puppet

Make a funny face breakfast food on this amusing website