Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: Kites and other Wind-borne Adventures

Drop Zone - (ISBN: 9780553110241)

by Michael Salazar

A marine pairs with a parachute expert to go behind battle lines in Bosnia in an investigation of the alleged genocide there. This adventure novel for adults includes realistic military maneuvers, contacts with Muslim terrorists, and a touch of romance.

Enduring Love - (ISBN: 978-0385494144)

by Ian McEwen

During a reunion picnic, Joe and Clarissa spot a beautiful hot air balloon on its descent with a young boy aboard. When a man gets caught in the balloon’s rope and it rises with him dangling, several others try to pull it down. They all eventually jump off except for one man who dies when the balloon crashes. The hot air balloon accident changes the lives of the men involved, especially because of Joe’s guilt over letting go of the rope. Joe is also contacted by another, frenetic survivor whose life has changed. Think about an accident that changed things forever in the life of someone you know.

Hanging by a Thread: A Kite’s View of Wisconsin - (ISBN: 978-0976145035)

by Craig Wilson

This photographic gem shows what results when a Wisconsin man puts his camera on a kite and snaps photo after photo from high above the ground. Enjoy views of this beautiful state’s Badger stadium, multiple lakes, the Kites on Ice festival in Madison, the pine tree forests, and its assortment of enthusiastic people. If you try to set a camera on your kite, be sure to keep a tight hold on the rope! What might a kite-eye view of your home community show?

Just Wind: Tales of Two Pilots under Pressure - (ISBN: 978-0595287055)

by William Armstrong Jr.

This non-fiction book details Tom Gatch’s attempt to cross the Atlantic by pressurized balloon and Larry Newman’s complex project of trying to take a balloon around the world. Whether you are an armchair adventurer or would like to make a try of your own, you will enjoy reading these true-life accounts.

What Color is Your Parachute? 2010: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers - (ISBN: 978-1580089876)

by Richard Bolles

This classic self-help book details the importance of networking, having the resolution to make a change, and confidence that one can find a job at a time when people say there are no jobs around. This newer edition of the book, first published 40 years ago, contains concrete steps people can take to gain interesting employment in a field related to their true interests. Think about ways the parachute analogy can have a role in your life.

Bolt of Fate: Benjamin Franklin and his Electric Kite Hoax - (ISBN: 978-1891620706)

by Tommy N. Tucker

D.B.: A Novel - (ISBN: 978-0385497398)

by Elwood Reid

We Who Are Alive and Remain: Untold Stories from the Band of Brothers - (ISBN: 978-0425227633)

by Marcus Brotherton

Wittgenstein Flies a Kite - (ISBN: 978-0131499973)

by Susan Sterrett

Activities for this Theme

Enjoy the classic movie Herbie the Love Bug with the whole family!

Read about the newly designed hydrogen airship – a possible future travel luxury?

Enjoy views of one of Madison, Wisconsin’s frozen lakes and the creatively designed kites in the annual Kites on Ice festival held each winter. Yes, the people are really standing on a frozen lake!