Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Kites and other Wind-borne Adventures

Airborn - (ISBN: 978-0060531829)

by Kenneth Oppel

A Victorian airship crashes onto a deserted island after being attacked by pirates. A cabin boy and a wealthy young passenger, Kate, become friends and uncover a mystery that threatens the lives of the remaining survivors. At the same time, Kate is trying to find the mysterious flying beasts that her grandfather had described during a previous voyage. Think about how the two young people differ from today’s young people.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator - (ISBN: 978-0142410325)

by Roald Dahl

Willie Wonka, the great candy maker, and Charlie Bucket catapult into the sky in an unusual elevator! Along with Charlie’s family and some creepy creatures that include Vermicious Knids and Gnoolies, these favorite characters have even more “flying” adventures. Think up a new name for an airborne candy!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - (ISBN: 978-0756956752)

by Ian Fleming

When the newly rich Pott family needs a car, they turn to their eccentric inventor father who fixes up a rust bucket for their use. Somehow it ends up with magical powers and flies them all around the world on great adventures. Compare the events in this book to the video of the same title.

The Kite Fighters - (ISBN: 978-0440418139)

by Linda Sue Park

Young-sup and his brother Kee-sup feel honored when the ancient Korean king stops by to ask for their help in making and flying a kite. Eventually, one of the brothers represents the royalty as he competes in a kite-flying race. What similarities do these brothers have with you and your siblings?

The Mystery of the Hot Air Balloon - (ISBN: 978-0807554197)

by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Benny Alden of the Boxcar Children cannot wait until his community has hot air balloons! He is puzzled that some people do not want it to happen. Read the book to find out what his investigation reveals.

Around the World in 80 Days - (ISBN: 978-1420926477)

by Jules Verne

Balloons, Kites, Airships, and Gliders - (ISBN: 978-0791065631)

by June Loves

Bed-knob and Broomsticks - (ISBN: 978-0152024567)

by Mary Norton

It’s True! Pigs Do Fly - (ISBN: 978-1550379495)

by Terry Denton

Mary Poppins - (ISBN: 978-0152058104)

by Dr. P L Travers

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More - (ISBN: 978-0375814235)

by Roald Dahl

Activities for this Theme

Make your own parachute with the help of older family members.

Learn much more about kites

Make a tetrahedral kite