Early Elementary Books

Theme: Kites and other Wind-borne Adventures

Curious George and The Kite - (ISBN: 978-0618723966)

by Monica Perez H.A. Rey

This easy, easy reader features the beloved Curious George watching his neighbor coax his enormous kite up into the sky. After the kite is flying, the neighbor must leave. So he hands the controls over to the monkey. Find out who rescues George in a hang glider when the huge kite sends him aloft. What do you think it would be like to fly across the sky pulled by a kite?

Dora and the Rainbow Kite Festival - (ISBN: 978-1416947776)

by Christine Ricci

Dora the Explorer tries to free a stuck kite from its perch in a tree. She wants to take it to the kite festival, but she is not sure how to get there. What does Dora use to help her find the festival? How do you find your way to new places?

The Balloon Sailors - (ISBN: 978-1550378092)

by Diane Swanson

Desperate family members try to escape a magical kingdom by piecing together their own hot-air balloon. They sew the balloon, weave a basket, and construct a device to heat the air so the balloon will rise. Only by working together do they succeed in escaping the mythical regime. Compare this book to <i>Night Crossing: The Great Balloon Escape </i>, a young adult title.

The Fly-Away Kite - (ISBN: 978-1425975586)

by Wobine Ishwaran

A family shares a great day at a community picnic, enjoying their games, toys, and the beautiful weather. When mishaps occur, including a missing dog and a fly away kite, the group bands together to save the day. Talk about a time when everyone in your family worked together to solve a problem.

We Like Kites - (ISBN: 978-0679892311)

by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Enjoy a day of kite flying with the Berenstain Bears in this easy reader. In addition to a kite, what else is necessary for a successful flight?

Angel's Kite / La estrella de Ángel - (ISBN: 978-0892391561)

by Alberto Blanco

Crosby - (ISBN: 978-0152008291)

by Dennis Haseley

Hi! Fly Guy - (ISBN: 978-0439853118)

by Tedd Arnold

Icarus at the Edge of Time - (ISBN: 978-0307268884)

by Brian Greene

Up, Up, and Away - (ISBN: 978-0671028053)

by Nancy Holder

Activities for this Theme

Make a ghost parachute

Make a simple kite