Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Kites and other Wind-borne Adventures

Bubble Trouble - (ISBN: 978-0547074214)

by Margaret Mahy

Mabel’s love of blowing bubbles is cut short when one big bubble encircles her baby brother and carries him off. How can the community rescue him? The answer comes slowly, and you must turn many pages to find out what happens after a young man meanly bursts the bubble with a rock from his slingshot.

Kite Flying - (ISBN: 978-0553112542)

by Grace Lin

Kite making and flying turns into a joint family venture; enjoy turning the pages to find out what each member of the Chinese family contributes. More information at the end of the book explains the meanings of various kite designs. Build the simple kits, and have every member of your family add a little something toward its completion.

Laura’s Secret - (ISBN: 978-1589250314)

by Klaus Baumgart

Laura comes to her brother’s assistance when his carefully made kite does not fly as high as the rest of the children’s. What kind of magic does she use to help him? Have you ever wished on a star?

Lucky Song - (ISBN: 978-0688144593)

by Vera Williams

Little Evie enjoys her fawning family who provide for her every desire. When she wants a new plaything, she finds a kite made by her grandfather. Readers will feel the love and affection among the family members as they enjoy this delightful book. Talk with your family about ways you show love for each other.

The Emperor and the Kite - (ISBN: 978-0698116443)

by Jane Yolen

A Chinese princess must entertain herself by flying her kite alone, day after day. When her father gets locked in a tower, her skills save the day! How can you help other family members?

Altoona Baboona - (ISBN: 978-0152164041)

by Janie Bynumb

Bear and Kite - (ISBN: 978-0811848206)

by C. Wright

Blue Makes a Kite - (ISBN: 978-0689871689)

by Sonali Frye

Hot-Air Henry - (ISBN: 978-0688040680)

by Mary Calhoun

The Sea Breeze Hotel - (ISBN: 978-0064434065)

by Marcia Vaughan

Activities for this Theme

Make a simple kite with your family.

Try coloring some zeppelins and hot air balloons.