Early Elementary Books

Theme: Funny Food

Lunchlady and the Cyborg Substitute - (ISBN: 978-0375846830)

by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

A world-wise cafeteria lunch server leads children on a madcap adventure to solve the mysteries of the missing teacher and his questionable replacement. Using food preparation tools and fish sticks for weapons and oaths of food words for incantations, Lunch Lady conquers the invading cyborgs in this beginning-reader level graphic novel. Look carefully at the illustrations to help your child gain confidence in his or her ability to decode the pages!

Saturday Sancocho - (ISBN: 978-0374464516)

by Layla Torres

Maria Lili has her first experience in bartering when her grandparents set out to the market with the only thing in their pantry: a dozen eggs. She is puzzled at first until she sees they are trading for the necessary ingredients to make a Colombian stew, <i>sancocho</i>, including plantains, cassava, and corn. Try the recipe for this delicious dish, included in the book. You will enjoy looking for the unusual ingredients at your local market or ethnic food store. What favorite family recipe could you collect ingredients for at a farmer’s market?

The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten - (ISBN: 978-0590484145)

by Pat Relf

When the Magic School Bus descends into the water, the school children discover an amazing chain of animals and plants, each depending on the next for food and sustenance. Learn what the otter eats and who eats the otter, for example! Can your children draw a picture of the food chain you read about?

The Old Man Who Loved Cheese - (ISBN: 978-0316486101)

by Garrison Keillor

Do you and your family members like cheese? You will have a lot in common with the man in this book, except that he likes all kinds of cheese, even the stinky, smelly ones. Have a cheese taste test after you read this book. Find some new kinds of cheese pleasing to your palate. Maybe create a booklet with the results of your taste test!

The Sugaring Off Party - (ISBN: 978-1550415964)

by Jonathan London

Paul enjoys hearing his French-Canadian grandmother tell the story of her first outing to make maple syrup candy. As he absorbs the wonderful atmosphere of her warm memories, he finds himself eager for the next day when he will go on his first maple syrup outing. Talk about memories other family members have shared with you. How have they made you comfortable trying new experiences?

Alligator Pie - (ISBN: 978-1552633380)

by Dennis Lee

Grandma’s Latkes - (ISBN: 978-0152013882)

by Malka Drucker

If You Give a Moose a Muffin - (ISBN: 978-0064433662)

by Laura Numeroff

Meerkat Mail - (ISBN: 1416934731)

by Emily Gravett

Activities for this Theme

Play the feed the monster game.

Try sampling some maple syrup candy or maple sugar at a local orchard. If you don’t have maple syrup nearby, what special treat comes only from your part of the world? Make a food advertisement for your local treats!

Look at and name all the unusual fruits and vegetables you can find at your local grocery store. Can you find one for every letter of the alphabet?

Make some Mud Puddle Dip to share with family and friends