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Theme: Time

Buy Ketchup in May and Fly at Noon - (ISBN: 978-0061730887)

by Mark Di Vincenzo

Save money, time, and your health by knowing the best time to do certain things. We all know about buying linens at January’s white sales, but when is a good time to start dating someone? If you need answers to all of life’s really important timing questions, check this book.

Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously - (ISBN: 978-0316042512)

by Julie Powell

A young woman makes her way through the entire Julia Child cookbook in an effort to reinvigorate her life. Always amusing and entertaining, the voyage she makes through lots of fat and calories reaps some unexpected results along with a new interest in cooking, recorded in blog format. Tell your family some unexpected results of taking up a new past time!

The Time Machine - (ISBN: 978-0141439976)

by H.G. Wells

Wells, the originator of all books of time travel, writes his vision of a future world where everyone’s positive emotions belie their hidden weakness and timidity. Wells’ protagonist, a Victorian scientist, realizes he must conquer a concealed tribe of master villains, the Morlocks. How does the scientist return to his own era? Compare this book, originally published in 1895, with a more modern depiction of a voyage in time. What have other authors learned from the great master, H.G. Wells?

The Time Traveler’s Wife - (ISBN: 978-0156029438)

by Audrey Niffenegger

Henry DeTamble cannot control when he suddenly finds himself at another time in his life due to a rare travel disorder. Although he enjoys seeing his wife as a young girl before he met her, the story becomes more evocative as his wife Clare shares knowledge of his disability and helps him prepare for its unexpected trips. His uneasiness at always arriving at his time travel locations stark naked symbolizes the increasing discomfort with loss of control in his life. Think about whether you would want to travel back, as you are now, to revisit some of your childhood haunts and loves.

The Year of the Flood - (ISBN: 978-0385528771)

by Margaret Atwood

Acclaimed Canadian writer Margaret Atwood offers up another book containing the elements of science fiction, humor, irony, and even conservation as readers find the two female protagonists awaiting the return of life after apocalyptic disaster. Although they hide in a safe place, lots of unknowns remain outside their shelter. What has happened to their friends? What do the mutated forms of life mean for their possible survival? Compare this book to <i>The Road </i> by Cormac McCarthy.

Time and Again - (ISBN: 978-0684801056)

by Jack Finney

Artist Simon Morley employs an unusual method of time travel, immersing himself so completely in another culture that he is not surprised to finally arrive there. His work for the U.S. Government sends him to times they want him to investigate. His “voyages” are marvelous trips down memory lane, and the things he brings back from the travel are much more than their containers.

A Brief History of Time - (ISBN: 978-0553380163)

by Stephen Hawking

From Time to Time - (ISBN: 978-0684818443)

by Jack Finney

The Bones of Time - (ISBN: 978-0812557466)

by Kathleen Ann Goonan

Time You Let Me In: 25 Poets under 25 - (ISBN: 978-0061896378)

by Naomi Shihab Nye

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