Early Elementary Books

Theme: Time

It’s Justin Time, Amber Brown - (ISBN: 978-0874999082)

by Paula Danziger

Amber does not understand why her friends do not know how to tell time, since she has just learned it herself. What other lessons does she learn in this book featuring Amber, a favorite literary character?

Max’s Ice Age Adventure - (ISBN: 978-0972181921)

by Logan Weinman Jeffrey Bennett

Tori the boy and Max the dog time travel back to the Ice Age. They see unusual animals no longer on earth and learn the causes of climate differences. Where can you see a woolly mammoth or crawl in an igloo?

One Hundred Days of Cool - (ISBN: 978-0060001230)

by Stuart Murphy

In this book, students learn about time and math when their teacher offers a cool celebration after 100 days. Each day that passes finds the students participating in one crazy activity or another. Try to find something small but special to do every day, like dotting your toenails with blue sparkles, or hanging your favorite pin collection on your baseball cap. How soon is the 100th day of school at your school?

Pirates Past Noon - (ISBN: 978-0679824251)

by Mary Pope Osborne

When Jack and Annie time-travel in the Magic Tree House, they arrive in the land of pirates. They find a land they had often seen in books, complete with squawking parrots, treasure maps, and pirate ships. Talk about where your family would like to go if you could time-travel. Is there a book setting you would like to visit?

Tuesday - (ISBN: 978-0395870822)

by David Weisner

A group of puffy frogs flies aboard cushy lily pads one Tuesday night while the rest of the world is unaware. This nearly wordless book forces readers to slow down and examine the details on every page. The scant text in the book shares the time of day throughout the book. What would you do if you suddenly saw a group of flying lily pads, each topped by a smug froggie?

What Time is It, Mr. Crocodile? - (ISBN: 978-0545004923)

by Judy Sierra

Mr. Crocodile's well-planned day, schedule neatly typed, is humorously disrupted by the arrival of some entertaining monkeys. The rhymes in the text, and Mr. Crocodile’s plan to EAT the monkeys, will make this book a favorite with your children. Have them finish some of the rhymes as you read after you have read this book a few times.

How Do You Know What Time It Is? - (ISBN: 978-0807579404)

by Robert E. Wells

June 29, 1999 - (ISBN: 978-0395727676)

by David Weisner

The Backwards Watch - (ISBN: 978-0531059685)

by Eric Houghton

The Bad-Tempered Ladybird - (ISBN: 978-0140503982)

by Eric Carle

The Boy Who Stopped Time - (ISBN: 978-0689504600)

by Anthony Taber

This Time Tempe Wick? - (ISBN: 978-0399218804)

by Patricia Lee Gauch

Uh-oh, Leonardo!: The Adventures of Providence Traveler - (ISBN: 978-0689811609)

by Robert Sabuda

What Makes Day and Night - (ISBN: 978-0064450508)

by Franklyn Branley

Activities for this Theme

Make a children’s book into a clock

Teach your children about the relationship between shadows and the time of day

How to help your child learn to tell time