Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Time

A Second is a Hiccup: A Child’s Book of Time - (ISBN: 978-0439831062)

by Hazel Hutchins

This book delightfully attempts to orient children about time by connecting time to everyday acts that happen frequently. How long does the book say it takes to grow new skin after getting a scar or to outgrow a comfortable pair of shoes? Can you calculate the time it takes to do something you do every day?

Bats Around the Clock - (ISBN: 978-0688164690 )

by Kathi Appelt

With rhyming pages, Click Dark as the show moderator, and a different kind of dance on the hour, children learn to count, swing, and tell time all at once. A small mouse on each page holds a clock to show the hours pass. This parody of American Bandstand (American Batstand) features Chubby Checkers and a variety of dance steps! Try to imitate some of the dances you see on the pages. You might even be able to dig out some old rock ‘n roll tunes or play them from a popular mp3 web site.

Clocks and More Clocks - (ISBN: 978-0689717697)

by Pat Hutchins

When Mr. Higgins runs from clock to clock in his house, they all show different times!!! He tries getting another to find out what the REAL time is. Finally, he consults a clockmaker. How many clocks do you have in your house? Check to see if they are all synchronized! How much time does it take to walk from one to the next? Can you count in seconds?

Five Minutes Peace - (ISBN: 978-1406320831)

by Jill Murphy

Mrs. Large tries to get some peace away from her busy family by hiding out in the bathtub, but she soon finds herself with three other people joining her in the room! Hopping out, she finds she must settle for just three minutes’ quiet in the kitchen before the others happily join her. Try playing the “quiet game.“ Give everyone a different room, and set a timer; no one can speak or come out before the timer rings! How does time feel when you control it?

IQ: It’s Time - (ISBN: 978-0802789785)

by Mary Ann Fraser

The time until Parents’ Night is ticking down; IQ the mouse is helping the children get ready. Every page in this book shows a clock with the remaining days, hours, and minutes before the parents come to visit. Children learn about telling time with a digital clock, an analog clock, and a wristwatch. Make a big clock on a large square piece of paper with a movable hand. Ask children what time it is when it is on the hour. Or draw a clock on a dry-erase board; then add hands using your dry erase markers.

All About an Hour - (ISBN: 1404237666)

by Joanne Randolph

All in a Day - (ISBN: 978-0698117723)

by Mitsumasa Anno

My Grandmother’s Clock - (ISBN: 978-0007106523)

by Geraldine McCaughrean

Telling Time with Big Mama Cat - (ISBN: 978-0152017385)

by Dan Harper

Time is When - (ISBN: 978-0887768705)

by Beth Gleick

Activities for this Theme

Learn the days of the week with Adventure Man

Talk about your favorite phrases that mention time like “A stitch in time saves nine,” or “Time flies.” Make a list on your refrigerator throughout this month. Ask your child to make a picture showing each one.