Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Twists and Turns

Beware of the Frog - (ISBN: 978-1406319316)

by William Bee

Mrs. Collywobbles completely trusts her guard “dog,” who is really a fierce frog, to keep any dangerous strangers from her house. What happens when the frog comes too close to his mistress?

First Day Jitters - (ISBN: 978-1580890618)

by Julie Danneberg

Sarah Jane Hartwell pulls the covers over her head on that dreaded first day of school. She imagines all sorts of misbehavior from the boys in the class. Talk about what you predict Sarah actually looks like before you turn to the last page!

Leonardo the Terrible Monster - (ISBN: 978-0786852949)

by Mo Willems

Leonardo, the world’s wimpiest monster, decides to scare the mildest kid he can find. Leonardo looks nothing like a monster, and the child he wants to scare… well you can decide for yourselves. Does Leonardo succeed in finally finding someone he can actually frighten?

May I Bring a Friend? - (ISBN: 978-0689713538)

by Beatrice DeRegniers

Chaos ensues when a small boy brings a friend (a dog, cat, or elephant?) along each time the King and Queen invite him to a meal, to a holiday, or to tea. Which animal do you predict will cause the most havoc?

The Hungry Hen - (ISBN: 978-0192728784)

by Richard Waring

A hungry fox waits and waits while he watches a neighboring hen fatten herself up in this delightful picture book. Her image gradually takes over the pages as she grows and grows, almost beyond recognition. Does the fox enjoy a hearty feast at the end? What do you think the title means? Talk about it before you read the book.

I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean - (ISBN: 978-0803732551)

by Kevin Sherry

The Dog Who Cried Wolf - (ISBN: 978-0142413050)

by Keiko Kasza

Activities for this Theme

Play hide and go seek with your children. Afterwards talk and laugh about the best hiding places for surprising people.

Have your family plan a surprise party together for an older relative or friend. Maybe have a surprise “nothing special” party, an event to celebrate an ordinary day!