Early Elementary Books

Theme: Weather

Buffalo Storm - (ISBN: 978-0618535972)

by Katherine Applegate

Hallie leaves the shelter of her grandmother's homespun quilt to join her family on a trek across country on a wagon train. As she learns how to live without the safety net of her grandmother, she experiences an amazing storm on the plains. Talk about how things that are scary often have spectacular elements as well.

Explore - (ISBN: 073620958-1 )

by Jeanine Wheeler

Learn about weather and how to dress appropriately in regions around the world. Weather icons and simple photographs make it easy to grasp the climates and the geographical differences of mountains, islands, the desert, forests, and oceans across the world.

Heat Wave - (ISBN: 978-0152167790)

by Eileen Spinelli

The small community of Lumberville tries a variety of creative ways to combat the great summer heat. Brainstorm with your family to come up with some silly and fun ideas of your own!

Iguanas in the Snow: And Other Winter Poems / Iguanas en la Nieve: Y Otros Poemas de Invierno - (ISBN: 978-0892392025)

by Francisco X Alarcon

Enjoy these poetic descriptions of winter and memories of iguanas as a family frolics together during a snowstorm. Talk about memories your family has of spending time together during major weather events.

Lost! A Story in String - (ISBN: 978-0805055832)

by Paul Fleischman

During a modern day blackout, a grandmother shares a story with her bored granddaughter: that of another little girl lost during a snowstorm. The girl in the story uses string to aid her survival, and the book's illustrations use string, also creatively, to make the story real. After enjoying this book, teach your children how to make a cat's cradle with string, directions included.

Snowflake Bentley - (ISBN: 978-0395861622)

by Jacqueline Briggs Bentley

This mesmerizing biography tells of a photographer/scientist who revels in his photos of snowflakes. Enjoy the marvelous illustrations and detailed precision of his work. Cut out a snowflake by folding paper into little squares and making tiny snips.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - (ISBN: 978-0689707490)

by Judi Barrett

Happy Winter - (ISBN: 978-0064431514)

by Karen Gundersheimer

It’s Snowing, It’s Snowing - (ISBN: 978-0060537173)

by Jack Prelutsky

Snowbound with Betsy - (ISBN: 978-0844665979)

by Carolyn Haywood

Activities for this Theme

Help your children make leaf prints:

Try a desert island survival adventure with your family in the confines of your own home.

Try the online weather maze game.

Make a survival snack with your family. Explain to the family members what each add-in symbolizes as you try to imagine being shipwrecked together.

Learn more about snowflakes together with your children.

Learn more about hurricanes with picture books