Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Pets

Always in Trouble - (ISBN: 978-0545024532)

by Corinne Demas

Have you ever had a pet you loved very much, but who was a bit of a nuisance, always getting into mischief? Toby is just that kind of pet, resistant even to attempts at calming him through obedience school. What happens when he goes away to a special school? Will his newly learned lessons stick with him once he returns home?

I Want a Hug - (ISBN: 978-0698400641)

by John Rowe

Even a porcupine needs a hug once in awhile, right? Read about this endearing pet and his attempts to fit in. Can you predict what kind of friend he will find at the end of the book?

Splat the Cat - (ISBN: 978-0060831547)

by Rob Scotton

Can you imagine what happens when a cat takes his pet mouse to school on the first day of Cat School? Splat thinks the mouse is hiding safely in his lunch box. But the mouse gets out, and chaos begins. All of Splat's new classmates go after Seymour, the pet mouse. Splat certainly learns more than ABC's on his first day of school!

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy - (ISBN: 978-1423109600)

by Mo WIllems

The pigeon wants a puppy!! Read what happens when the pigeon wants a pet of his own in this book from Mo Willems’ popular series. What would happen if your pets acquired pets of their own?

What Pet to Get? - (ISBN: 978-0545035705)

by Emma Dodd

Jack imagines a list of possible pets once his mother agrees to his getting one. The difficulties he envisions with larger and less common pets make for humorous reading. Think of other possible pets and what problems might occur if you brought one home!

Marley and Me - (ISBN: 978-0061171147)

by John Grogan

Stella Unleashed: Notes from the Doghouse - (ISBN: 978-1402739873)

by Linda Ashman

Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog - (ISBN: 978-0375855832)

by Mini Grey

Willie’s Birthday - (ISBN: 978-0142301357)

by Anastasia Suen

Activities for this Theme

If you have a puppy, celebrate with a dog birthday party

Try making some animals as a craft

Have a party for any pet

Color some pet pictures