Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Grandparents

Hello! Is This Grandma? - (ISBN: 9781589250727)

by Ian Whybrow

Imagine trying to call Grandma on the phone but reaching a variety of animals at the other end of the line. This fold-out book will delight children with its crazy responses and numbers. Why does the main character want to call Grandma anyway?

I Love Saturdays Y Domingos - (ISBN: 978-0689874093)

by Alma Flor Ada

A lucky young half-Hispanic girl spends Saturdays with her Anglo-European grandparents and Sundays with her Mexican-American ones (Abuelito and Abuelita). She loves both worlds, and her grandparents think she is very special, too! Talk about the differences between your two sets of grandparents.

The Name Quilt - (ISBN: 978-0374354848)

by Phyllis Root

Little Sadie loves to hear her grandma's stories about all the names embroidered on an old family quilt. After they lose the quilt in a fierce wind, her grandma continues telling Sadie the stories as Sadie recalls each name. Together the girl and her grandmother start creating a new quilt, embroidering their own permanent memories. Share some stories your grandmother has told you. Make a picture about some of the times you have spent together.

The Napping House - (ISBN: 978-0152567118)

by Audrey Wood

As each creature (or person) crawls up to join a sleeping grandma, the bed seems to enlarge to make room for all the visitors. What happens when a hungry flea alights? Your children will enjoy following along with the repetitive lines after just a few readings.

Trees of the Dancing Goats - (ISBN: 978-0689838576)

by Patricia Polacco

Trisha's Grandpa is making toys to celebrate Hanukkah, one for each day, when he hears that several neighbors have come down with scarlet fever. Quickly switching traditions, he prepares baskets of food and Christmas trees to bring them so they will not miss out on their seasonal festivities. Children will enjoy learning about the traditions of preparing for an important Jewish holiday as well as seeing the Christmas spirit in action.

Babushka Baba Yaga - (ISBN: 978-0698116337)

by Patricia Polacco

Storm in the Night - (ISBN: 978-0064432566)

by Mary Stoltz

What Grandmas Do Best; What Grandpas Do Best - (ISBN: 978-0689805523)

by Laura Numeroff

Activities for this Theme

Have each member of your family decorate an 8 by 8 inch square sheet of paper. Join the pages with black tape; the black tape should be outlines of the paper quilt block "windows." Send the completed project to a grandparent or other dear relative.

Help your child make a handprint card to send to a grandparent.

Make a quilt from coloring sheets; add different colored hearts to each square. 

Make a collage of your child's coloring sheets by having him/her cut out favorite parts of each sheet and glue them together on a larger piece of paper. Send this memory collage to a grandparent for his/her refrigerator.