Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Curiosity and Curiosities

Calico’s Curious Kittens - (ISBN: 978-1570915116)

by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes

How much mischief can seven kittens get into? With a family pack of kitties romping through the house and following their curiosity outside, Calico, the mother cat, has more than she can handle. Have fun finding the hidden kittens on a few of the pages.

Chameleon Chameleon - (ISBN: 978-0439666534)

by Joy Cowley

Begin your child’s study of nature by exploring the life cycle of a beautiful creature, the panther chameleon from Madagascar. With truly awe-inspiring photographs, this book shows the young chameleon as it explores the sometimes dangerous world where it lives. Visit your community zoo to see if you can view a real chameleon or find one online.

Curious George's Big Book of Curiosity - (ISBN: 978-0618583386)

by H.A. Margret Rey

Favorite book character Curious George leads preschoolers on an educational romp through their favorite concepts. Whether it be counting, family names, or body parts, the monkey’s curiosity opens doors to learning all the things young ones need to know. See how many names your child knows before you read the pages to him/her. Read this book again and again, and your children will be able to “read” it to you from memory.

Discovering Nature's Alphabet - (ISBN: 978-1597140218)

by Crystina Castella

Teach your children their letters by helping them find letter shapes in nature on this amazing photographic journey. Older children will enjoy exploring the natural curiosities the author found as she looked for letters amid icicles, trees, flower, etc. Take your children on a nature walk and see what “letters” you can find.

Oh No, Ono - (ISBN: 9780735819375)

by Hans de Beer

Enjoy following the young piglet Ono around the farmyard; his explorations lead him into plenty of tight situations. Let your children help you tell the stories of Ono’s curiosity by looking at the pictures before you read the actual words. After one or two readings, children will enjoy echoing the refrain after every one of his adventures, “Oh No, Ono!”

Wiggles - (ISBN: 978-0735819818)

by Christophe Loupy

While exploring the farm with his father, a curious puppy sticks his nose into everything he comes across. It is no wonder that the cover shows an endearing doggie with a nose full of broken egg shells. What other unexpected sights and smells end up on his nose?

Bear's Curiosity Book: An Adventure in Early Learning - (ISBN: 978-0895776815 )

by David Howgrave-Graham

Don’t Be So Nosy, Posy - (ISBN: 9781589250369)

by Nicola Grant

Guess What is Growing inside this Egg - (ISBN: 978-0822561927)

by Mia Posada

P is for Peanut - (ISBN: 978-0892368785)

by Lisa Gelber

Activities for this Theme

Enjoy more books featuring Calico the mother cat and her herd of curious youngsters: Calico's Cousins: Cats from Around the World and Counting on Calico

Go to the library or used book stores in your area to start a collection of your own Curious George titles.

Make your own “Curiosity Box” for collecting natural curiosities. Take a sturdy shoe box and cover it with old wallpaper or comics from the newspaper. Add some personal decorations, and you are all set to begin exploring outside for unusual finds.