Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Good Food

Chet Gecko's Detective Handbook (and Cookbook): Tips for Private Eyes and Snack Food Lovers - (ISBN: 978-0152052881)

by Bruce Hale

Mystery fans and eaters alike will enjoy this trip into the secrets of the private eye trade and hints on how to feed young detectives. Keep this handbook close by when you suspect a child has forged a school excuse or wants to know how to conduct a secret search. Why do detectives need to carry snacks anyway? The popular Chet Gecko is a special kind of detective, and the recipes here definitely reflect a gecko’s taste in dining! Try other Chet Gecko books if you enjoy this one.

Eat Your Words: A Fascinating Look at the Language of Food - (ISBN: 978-0385325783)

by Charlotte Jones

Find out if your name is part of a recipe in this very interesting book about recipe names and history. Maybe your city has a famous recipe named after it, or perhaps your pet is featured as part of a famous food concoction! Everyone in the family will enjoy reading short sections of this book, marveling at how recipes got their names and enjoying the different and amusing categories of types of names. The short sections lend themselves well to passing the book around for read-aloud. What’s your favorite food for fun occasions?

Everything on a Waffle - (ISBN: 978-0374422080)

by Polly Horvath

When a young girl loses her parents in a drowning accident, various community members try to parent her, but she prefers to grow up her own way. She roams about town, making acute observations and writing down recipes and comments. Readers will enjoy the adventures and misadventures of this very spunky lass, and the recipes will make mouths water. After you find out what the title means, try to think of your own original waffle topping.

Granny Torrelli Makes Soup - (ISBN: 978-0064409605)

by Sharon Creech

A beloved grandmother listens to her granddaughter’s problems thoughtfully while she cooks. As she gives out her food and recipes, she shares her own stories and advice for growing up. Talk about a time when your extended family or family friends cooked together, and reminisce about the stories you heard. Did you receive any good advice?

Sushi for Kids - (ISBN: 978-0804833462)

by Kaoru Ono

Atsushu gets to go on a tour of the famous Tokyo Tsukiji fish market with his guide, a sushi store owner. The guide picks out the best and freshest fish before showing Atsushu how sushi is assembled. Enjoy insight into the mysterious world of sushi, coupled with recipes and a bit of sushi history as the young boy follows the shop owner through his day. Have you ever tried sushi? What makes it such a healthy food?

The Healthy Body Cookbook: Over 50 Fun Activities and Delicious Recipes for Kids - (ISBN: 978-0471188889)

by Joan D'Amico Karen Eich Drummond

In this cookbook with a different twist, readers find recipes arranged by the body part they help. Eager eaters can also try small science experiments on the chapter’s featured body part. Learn while having fun preparing healthy snacks and eating your way through. The recipes also indicate how much cooking experience is necessary and what tools and supplies you need to prepare them. When your children are restless and bored, try interesting them in a little food science!

The Little House Cookbook: Frontier Foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Classic Stories - (ISBN: 978-0590453714)

by Barbara M. Walker

It’s a delight to find all the recipes from the Little House books in one place. In this compendium of frontier cooking, directions for food preparation accompany ingredients that might have been grown on the farm or were easily obtainable by America’s early settlers. After looking through this book, you’ll want to go back and reread the Laura Ingalls Wilder series to see where the recipes can be found throughout the books.

Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez - (ISBN: 978-0152014377)

by Kathleen Krull

Junk Food (Where's the Science Here?) - (ISBN: 978-0761327738)

by Vicki Cobb

Super Snacks - (ISBN: 978-0778712749)

by Bobbie Kalman

The Malted Falcon: A Chet Gecko Mystery - (ISBN: 0152167064)

by Bruce Hale

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